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Saving Newer File Versions
Users up-grading Streets and Trips or AutoRoute to newer versions find that map files created in older versions (within limits) will be converted for use in the newer version after a pop-up box invites such conversion. What is a great deal less explicit is that such converted files will not be useable in the S&T/AR version in which it was originally created. Saving the converted file with a new and unique name (such as by adding additional characters to the file name like oldfile.est -> oldfile2011.est) will preserve the original file characteristics. Frequent past reports and questions raised in this Forum and elsewhere make it clear that not all users take that precaution.

There are several things that Microsoft could do to aleviate this problem.

If the conversion subroutine were written so that the file name was amended as like above as part of the conversion, then the old file would not be over-written when saved unless the user chose otherwise.

The pop-up pre-conversion text could be enlarged and enhanced so as to make this issue abundantly clear.

A further pop-up box could appear if the conversion option is selected alerting the user to this risk.

Installation instructions could be modified to alert users to this risk.

An addition to the Help file could alert users to this risk.

A slip of paper alerting users to this risk could be added to the retail packaging.

The file naming protocols could be modified so that the file name extension (".est"/".axe") have a character or characters that are unique to the version in which the file was created. Perhaps a four-digit file extension would be possible such as ".es10" for files created by S&T 2010 and ".es11" for files created by S&T 2011, et cetera.
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