Live Search in Streets & Trips gives fewer results than it did in the past
I have 4 sales people who use S&T both 2009 and 2010 versions. We would use the search feature to find new customers all the time and loved this feature then suddenly last year both versions the search feature just quit working. It will show businesses in the catagory we are searching for but they are all 1000's of miles away from us. We used to be able to zoom into a area on the map that we are working and do our search and get results we can no longer do this. Even if we zoom out to show all of Houston none of our customer product catagories work any more! Any ideas?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Jcollins, and welcome to the forum. I haven't used the built-in live search feature in quite some time, but I briefly tested it now, and indeed the functionality seems to be broken. To drive to the closest gas station would require me to drive approximately 10 hours, based on what I see on the map.

An issue related to the functionality of the Live Search has been reported here on the forum once or twice in the past, Larry from Microsoft notified the people on the team, and the functionality was restored shortly after. If my memory serves me well, these issues have been in the past related to updates to the online mapping product.
Marvin Hlavac
10 days have past, and I just tested the S&T Live Search functionality again. It is still broken, and I'm unable to perform local searches. I wonder if this may be a sign of this feature being discontinued in the future versions. We may find out soon, if/when ST2012 or ST2013 releases.
Marvin Hlavac
Interestingly, while the Live Search now works as expected in the new Streets & Trips 2013, the feature, in pre-2013 versions still gives only limited number if results.
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