How to reorder pushpin sets in Streets & Trips
I have a question related to the order of items in the legend.

I have imported a bunch of data sets, and each set appears in the legend.

On older versions of Streets, as soon as you open the properties of a data set, and changed something like the symbol, that data set would now be a the top of the legend. Once you know this, you could then get the order of the legend items in any order that you need.

In 2011, this seems to have changed, and I am have difficulty figuring out how to change the order.

Any comments are very much welcome

Hi LeeG,

I really feel your pain on this one. There currently is no way to re-order the pushpin sets that you have imported. The act of importing them sets the order.

The only work-around I know of is to:
  1. Open up a second instance of S&T so you have 2 maps showing side by side.
  2. Then, from the source map, select and copy (Ctrl+c) the pushhpin set that you wish to show up on the bottom of the list.
  3. Give the destination map focus and press Ctrl+v and the pushpin set will show up in the list.
  4. Repeat these steps to reorder the pushpin sets on the new map.
Tedious? yes, you should try doing it to the POI Megafile with 220+ pushpin sets. Urgghh!
That worked awesome!

I only had about 8 sets, so a few CNTL+C and and CNTL+V's and I was done.

Thanks very, very much!
In 2013 what I did with the Mega file was:
I made a list of what was wanted on top and the order they were wanted in.
Next, starting at the bottom of my list I cut CNTL+X a pushpin set from the Legend overview window.

Next, paste CNTL+V each set back into the same Legend overview window. This will move that set to the top of the list in the window.

Repeat until all sets are in the order you wish,

Note: that the first one you move will end up at the bottom and the last one you move will be at the top.
This is why I made a list of how I wanted the sets and started with the one at the bottom.
I hope this helps someone.
Welcome to the Forum, TUPAWS! I must say that it is highly unusual for a new member to propose such a sophisticated, simple, and useful suggestion in his/her first post that had not occurred to us 'veterans'. Long-time members are more accustomed to first-time posters asking what a pushpin is. Accordingly, I will be looking forward to many more such insightful postings from you in the future.

The only comment I would have on the procedure you recommend is that your CNTL+V step can be done anywhere on the open map rather than just in the Legend overview window; the moved set will appear at the top regardless.

This can be especially useful with the default "My Pushpins" set which tends to drift down the list (and get lost) as other sets are added. An occasional CNTL+X-CNTL+V two-stepper will pop it up to the top of the list for easy visibility.
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