How to transfer data from Locosys BGT-31 to laptop?
I got a new BGT31 and I can use it as a handheld unit. BUT I can not transfer it to my laptop by USB, it doesn't show me anything. If I insert the card in my card-reader, I see my name and some useless text files. I have Google Earth, useless, tracking something on my laptop, nothing... I have to say that I got my GPS without CD.

What I have to do? (Please, I am NOT a computer freak so answer with understandable explanations.)
Ken in Regina
If you go to this page you can download the users manual and all other info you need.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Jumpandjibe, and welcome to the forum. The CD that you are missing is what contains the utility software that would let you do the things you want. Luckily, manufacturers offer manuals and software downloads on their web sites. Click the link Ken provided in his above reply, and then click the "Download" tab close to the top of the page in the middle. Good luck.
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