Streets and Trips 2013 release date
Does anyone have new information about the MS Streets and Trips 2012/2013 release date?
Marvin Hlavac
I just posted an update to http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2380-review-microsoft-streets-trips#2013

It appears the product will again start releasing in the usual end-of-summer / start-of-fall time frame. But the 2012 version has been skipped!

The "General Availability Date" I believe refers to the date when retailers can start shipping it. The downloadable version may become available sooner.
Marvin! Dude! Great news.

So, when will you get your advance copy to review?

I'll bet you have it already and are non-disclosing like a good boy.
Marvin Hlavac
Steve, I haven't seen ST2013 yet. A few minutes ago, I actually checked if it was already available as a download at microsoft.com or msdn.com. It's not there yet, either.
Marvin Hlavac
UPDATE: I received a message saying that the above data "is not accurate". There were no further details given, and I'm not going to ask as I would have to treat such info as given under an NDA. Sometimes it is just simply more fun to talk rumors than to have an official information given, but being unable to share it because of an NDA. ;-)

So I'd say there are at least two possibilities:

1. The above ETA is completely wrong, and it is not based on any MSFT schedule;

2. Or, perhaps the downloadable product becomes available at a different (earlier?) time, and the August 27 only refers to the day retailers will be allowed to start selling/shipping ST2013.

We will likely not be given any official information before the product if out, so treat any info posted in this thread purely as a rumor.
Marvin Hlavac
Larry will be demonstrating the new ST2013 at the Rally in Louisville June 21-24th. If past is any indication, he may be even giving out free trial DVDs.
Yes Marvin! I'll be in Louisville at the Good Sam Rally giving product demos and giving a few seminars on the new version. They tell me I'll have stacks of trial DVDs to give away (although I haven't even seen them yet). I hope to see some forum members at the Rally.
Marvin Hlavac
Larry, you should bring the new Microsoft Tablet with you to demo the new S&T on! :-)
Are they adding anything worth mentioning to the new version?
Marvin Hlavac
Malaki, we should be able to find out soon. Larry is handing out the demo ST2013 DVDs today at the show (June 21-24th), and that prompted me to do some digging into when Larry attended this type of an event to promote ST2011, and how long after that ST2011 became available as a download.

Here it is: Larry was first giving out demo versions of ST2011 on Jan 27-28th. The earliest forum post, which mentioned ST2011 being available as a download, was actually a post by you, Malaki, posted on Feb 11 in the review thread. That was 14 days from the free ST2011 demo DVDs at the show till the download for the public became available.

Prediction for ST2013 download availability: June 21 + 14 days = July 5

Will the history repeat itself?
Ok - cool. Thank you.
I just hope we see some REAL upgrades and new features to this version.
You mean a map update doesn't count?
Originally Posted by malaki86
You mean a map update doesn't count?
Well Malaki it was nice to get updated maps for sure...but no, not really an upgrade and feature addition.

I just bought a new Garmin 2555. Said I needed the traffic antenna but it does traffic anyways, can't figure that one out. Has life time map updates, recognizes time zones and calculates arrival time for that. It has "like real" picture exit assist, lane assist, and many other features that are very nice.

I think Streets and Trips could be a fantastic product if they would take it serious and work at it. It has so much potential being a computer based program.
In North America anyway, Garmin only sells the Nuvi 2555 LMT or 2555LT. The LMT means Lifetime map updates and free traffic. LT means lifetime free traffic. Sounds like you have a 2555LMT. You are receiving traffic data through the traffic receiver built into the adapter you use to power the Nuvi in your vehicle.
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