Streets and Trips 2013 release date
Hummmm, then the guy gave me the wrong one because I did not pay for it. I remember him asking if I wanted it and I said no and paid the lessor price. Cool. I looked on the back and it does say LMT.
Good stuff. The Garmin list price for the 2555lmt is $199 and the 2555LT is $189 so both have LT (Lifetime Traffic) but to get the lifetime maps (LM) you should have paid the higher price. Sounds like your sales guy was a bit confused.
Baja Boojum
Amazon is listing July 2 as the release date. See our posts about getting free trial download offers.
It's official, MS Street & Trips will release on MONDAY, JULY 2, See my chat session with MS Store on line below.

Chat Transcript

info: Thank you for choosing Microsoft Store. A representative will be with you shortly.
info: Privacy Statement
You are now chatting with 'Nate'.

Nate: Thanks for contacting Microsoft Store Chat! How can I help you today?
Evan: i understand that ms streets & trips 2013 has been offer as a pop-up to some people, can you help me with that
Evan: evan here
Nate: I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about that product today!
Nate: Streets and trips 2013 comes out tomorrow! We should have it up for purchase on the site imminently.
Evan: i would like to down load it NOW
Evan: so you are saying I can only get it July2nd or later?
Nate: Unfortunately that won't be possible as the product has not been released yet.
Nate: That is absolutely correct!
Evan: ok guess I will come back then
Nate: Fantastic!
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to @msn.com at the end of your chat.
Evan: by
Nate: What operating system are you currently running on your computer?
I can't believe it's been in the wild for a week now and I can't find a single review or even the slightest comment about it anywhere on the web.

Did the people who accepted the pre-release have to sign some sort of scary non-disclosure thingy?

I hope that at least Marvin has had a chance to look at it and will be free to share his thoughts with us tomorrow...
Just came form my local MS store (sticks & bricks) with the Streets & Trips v2013 in hand and now I am going to load it and get use to using it tonight.
Marvin Hlavac
So it was already on the shelves of the MS store in your area?
I called the store first and asked about it, was told they have it and I could buy it today, but would have ask for it when I came into store because it was not out on the rack today.
Marvin Hlavac
Cool, thanks! So ST2013 is being sold to the public at MS stores already. Which store location did you buy it from?

I'm posting some updates to the review thread as we speak...

Microsoft Store
University Village 2624 NE University Village Street
Seattle, WA 98105
I tried the Bellevue Wa store first and was told to try on Monday so I then tried the Seattle store and was able to buy it today
BTW, thanks for the updates, I am not a real experienced computer person.

I upgraded from the 2007 MS S&T to this new one and I use it mostly for planning RV trips, I have a 2012 Ford with the SYNC system and a GPS. I did ask if I could transfer maps from MS S&T 2013 to my car and or my new Windows phone and was told no, can’t do either, only to the Garmin system, too bad so sad for me. So when driving the MH I will still have to drag my laptop along for the ride.
Please Marvin...please tell me there is more to this version then what you have shown.
Tell me MS added something that makes it really worth the investment, other then updated maps and a few mickey mouse features.
Baja Boojum
The 'real' S&T 2013 trial is now here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30173
Thanks Boojum! I'm on it.

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