Street Atlas now bundled with BU-353 USB GPS
Marvin Hlavac
DeLerme's customers are receiving today email notifications about the new product bundle which no longer includes the old yellow unit, but instead comes with GlobalSat made BU-353.

The 353 is a proven product that has been around for a number of years. Some user feedback can be read here. However, the included unit is based on the SiRFstarIII chip, while GlobalSat is, at the same time, introducing a new version of the same receiver based on the new generation SiRFstarIV chip.

The new DeLorme's package is priced right, and the buyers will get a very decent USB GPS with it. But just be aware, if you love to live on the leading edge of the technology, you may consider spending a bit more and look for store which already stock the new receiver version, order it there, and buy SA software separately.
I guess that is one way for GlobalSat to dump old merchandise.
Marvin Hlavac
When the deal was negotiated and even when the boxes were packaged, the new S4 version was not yet in retail stores. I'm sure the next SA release will no longer contain the S3 version, and chances are later shipments of the current package may already contain the new BU-353 S4.

Perhaps people who receive their orders will be kind enough to post here what they see as the product number on the sticker on the bottom of the receiver.
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