Voice Prompts Issue in Microsoft Streets and Trips
I have been a user of Microsoft Streets and Trips for several years.

Currently use S&T 2007 for long trips and cannot get the voice prompt feature to work on my Dell D540 Laptop.

I can hit the space bar and MS Anna will repeat the next turn instructions, but will not do so automatically.

Am I missing a setting in S&T ???
Marvin Hlavac
Hi yr2000,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

I suspect everything is just fine, and you must have just accidentally pressed F7-key, which acts as a mute/unmute keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Streets and Trips.

Note that F7 has no effect on the space-bar function. Even while Streets & Trips has been muted (by pressing F7), you can still invoke voice direction prompt by pressing of space-bar.

Start Streets & Trips, press F7, and take it for a drive. Let us know if it works.

Thanks for the tip. That did it. In Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 there used to be a radio button on the GPS panel that had F7 audio mute.

However I did not see it on 2007.

Once again thanks for you help.
Marvin Hlavac
You are correct - there really is no way for users of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007/2008 to know if the program has been muted, just by looking at the screen. It actually is a bit confusing, because you can hear the voice if you press the spacebar, even though the program might have been muted.

Once you mute Streets & Trips (intentionally or accidentally), it will always stays muted, even after you restart the program.

There is a little workaround you could use, if you wish. S&T Keys makes sure Streets & Trips voice is enabled each time Streets & Trips is started by F2-key, or by clicking S&T Keys desktop icon.
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