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Resetting fuel stop warnings... for planning purposes

I'm a new user to S&T 2010 and am trying to plan a long trip on a motorcycle. Riding the motorcycle, I will not have the benefit of using the laptop to find the nearest fuel stops while I'm riding so I need to print the directions before getting on the road and I need to KNOW that I'm going to be able to find fuel within a given range.

What I have been able to do (for planning purposes) is to mark a "route stop" at a gas station and use a manual calculation to find the next fuel stop within the driving range. Although I consider myself to be relatively proficient at adding 200 to the mileage at the stop location, this method depends on the "human" to make the right calculation for planning the next stop.

The other problem is that I still get a USELESS warning to fill up that will show in the instructions pane despite that fact that I've already scheduled a fuel stop. (OK, I CAN turn off the warnings but I need them there for initial planning... Having them there makes for a bit of confusion though )

It would be REALLY nice if I could tell S&T that I plan to stop for fuel and to reset the warning for the driving range indicated. This way, I could be certain I am scheduling enough fuel stops and don't overshoot the and run out... THAT WOULD BE BAD...

Someone will be right along that has specific knowledge as to your issue... Hang in there, just a bit...

I think that you might be well served by this POI Scanner:
Marvin Hlavac
Hi bayou-techie, and welcome to the forum. Yours is a feature suggestion that has been mentioned here and elsewhere numerous times by Streets & Trips users. There may be some work-around solutions for it, but a simple "Reset" button would be a welcome addition to the program.
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