Can I download Streets & Trips to my Nuvi GPS?
I just purchased the new 2011 Streets & Trips program. Since I am a non techy senior citzen, can I download to my Nuvi 205? If so, how do I do it? Thank you in advance to all you smart techy people out there!!!
Ken in Regina
You can download routes that you have planned in Streets & Trips to some models of Garmin's Nuvi. The 205/205W is not one of them.

This is not an issue with Streets & Trips. It's a missing feature on the 205/205W. In order to load a route onto the Nuvi you need a model that allows you to save routes on the device. That is not a feature on the 205/205W.


Thank you for your help. It is so frustrating for someone who knows absolutely nothing that is techy related.
Ken in Regina
You're most welcome, and welcome to the forum.

Garmin does not make it easy to figure out which models do what. This is a real problem with all the different models of Nuvi that they have produced.

The question of saved routes has two issues. First you need a model that allows you to save routes on the device. That means either you can ask the Nuvi to calculate a route for you and then you can save it if it's one you want to use in the future. If a model has that feature it will also allow you to load and save a route that was created externally with, say, Streets & Trips or some other planning program with similar capabilities.

The second issue that is potentially even more confusing is that most of the newer models no longer do routes. They do something Garmin calls Trip Planning. They are still routes by any other name. But because of the way Garmin has created the Trip Planning feature you can't save a route created by a program like Streets & Trips onto them.

These newer models with the Trip Planning feature have specs that make it look like they can store up to 100 routes. But they are as unsuited for your purposes as your 205. Even Garmin's own desktop programs can't save routes onto these models.


Again, thank you for your help. This non-techy senior really appreciates all the time you have given to this problem.
Garmin now has a support page that identifies which of their products can receive routes from a computer. Look at this: https://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId=%7B9bca0be0-5f38-11dd-c66b-000000000000%7D. I hope this helps.
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