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Yesterday, I purchased an iPad and one of the first pieces of software I installed was CoPilot for it. This is my 3rd CoPilot Live purchase (CoPilot Live for the Android, CoPilot Live Truck for the Laptop and now CoPilot Live Truck for the iPad).

One really good thing is that the software is almost identical across all 3 versions. The iPad (I'm assuming the iPhone version, as well) adds 2 features that aren't on the Android or Laptop versions:

1 - Music player: You select the music you want to listen to and it plays it - that simple. You can set CoPilot to do a couple of things during a voice announcement, such as lower the music volume, mute the music completely, leave the music volume the same or to not make announcements while music is playing. Very handy (sort of wishing I had gotten more than 16gig now).

2 - Facebook updates: CoPilot can post to Facebook your current location (city & state) or your next destination along with your ETA. The default on this is for you to do it manually, but there's a setting for it to do it automatically. I don't know if it posts the address of your next destination or not - I'll have to try that out.

I won't REALLY be able to use CoPilot for driving until next week since I have to wait for my Ram-Mount to arrive. Just hoping it's here when I get home next Friday.

I did find a problem (which has been reported) in that with the POI Display & POI Alert features don't save your settings. Hoping they fix that soon.
Ken in Regina
I've got Copilot Live North America on my HTC Android phone. I'm pleased with the maps and the features. I'm not crazy about the user interface but it's quite usable.

I loaded it onto my HP Touchpad yesterday. I should explain that for those who are aware that the Touchpad is a webOS device. No, Copilot is not available for webOS. I finally got sick of struggling with the very broken web browser on my Touchpad. It's what I use the tablet for 90% of the time.

There is a team who have built a version of Android that runs decently on the Touchpad. You install it so it's a dual boot system. The native browser in it is decent.

The neat thing is that when I first logged into the Android app store with the tablet the app store allowed me to download all the same apps I've bought for my phone.

So I installed Copilot on my Touchpad. It works well with one problem. And it's a showstopper. There is no GPS in the Touchpad so I connected my Garmin GPS10x. It paired with Bluetooth just fine. But Copilot refuses to see it. I tried everything I could think of but nothing works.

Too bad. I would love to try this 10" tablet in the car for navigation.

Little late in responding, but have you tried using GPSGate as an in-between with the Garmin & CoPilot? It "might" fix the problem. Worth a try.
After I finally got the chance to try out the iPad running CoPilot Live v8 this week, I thought I'd post my findings:

All-in-all, the software runs exactly the same as it does on the laptop and the Android phone, with one *huge* difference - it's s-l-o-w... When you hit the menu button, it can take anywhere from 2-30 seconds to get a response. Typing an address or whatnot is fairly quick - it's just some things are really laggy. The map follows the vehicle perfect at any speed I've had it at (Between 5 and 60mph). But, changing your routing in the trip planner really drags. The automatic rerouting is almost instant.

I like the "Post to Facebook" feature, except that when you post your destination, it only posts a street address and your ETA - not the city/state/country. The media player is a handy feature as well, but I wish it had on-screen media controls as well as displaying the currently playing song info.

I found the problem with it not saving the POI Alerts and POI Display - it doesn't save until you start driving around. No idea why they did it like that, but they did and it's working correctly now.

I was also able to add my own POIs to the iPad version. It'll accept .csv files (with header), but it's a pain to get them into the iPad. I had to use a 3rd party app to transfer the file, then iTunes to actually put it in the correct location. Once I figured it out, it takes about 30 seconds to move the files and have it available to CoPilot.

One REALLY nice thing is having the 10" screen as a GPS device. The cup-holder RAM mount works pretty slick, being that I can remove/install it in the truck in seconds. Plus, the mount has the built-in charge cable with audio out, which plugs directly into the truck stereo.

I'll try to get a couple of photos of the setup tomorrow.
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by malaki86
Little late in responding, but have you tried using GPSGate as an in-between with the Garmin & CoPilot? It "might" fix the problem. Worth a try.
Is there a GPSGate client for Android? I looked and could not find one.

My mistake - I was thinking the TouchPad was a Windows device.
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