Many Routing Bugs And No One At Microsoft Cares
Marvin Hlavac
The software (all versions) will tell me I have a number of miles to the end of my trip. The numbers are consistent until I get to a specific point just north of Laurel NE, where all of a sudden, I have 16 miles farther to travel to get to my destination.
The issue may be related to http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2515-streets-trips-2010-mileages-dont-match-directions-navigation-panes

If not, please do post details and/or a video clip to a new thread.

I can't offer much in the way of an explanation, but I have used S&T since 2009 for a seven-day trip between Phoenix, AZ and Rimouski, QC. The route includes six stops set to "1 night". I learned early-on not to trust any data in the Navigation Pane. When my spouse is at the wheel, I have S&T running on my laptop and the Garmin on the dash; the only thing they agree on is the speed of travel. Time to destination and remaining mileage in S&T make no sense at all; I've learned to ignore it and go with what the Garmin shows.

For more of my ranting on this topic please see Post 83 here:
SD Pilot Car
Thanks Marvin. Though this is something I've also noticed, it is not the same. I'll capture the video when I next experience it and you'll see exactly what I'm describing. More as it develops.
SD Pilot Car
Are you still interested in this issue? If so, I'm including the video I mentioned. As you'll see, the video starts at 1.9 miles to my next turn, and 14.3 miles to the end of my trip. There is 2 turns included on this video and the 1st is about a 1/4 mile from the 2nd. At about .2 miles from the 2nd "turn", I give you a short glimpse of the map. At this point I have about 12.4 miles to the end of my trip. As I cross that point, all of a sudden, I have 28.5 miles to the end of my trip. Hope you can help and sorry for taking so long...

VIDEO: TripIssue.wmv
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