Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011
Marvin Hlavac
New in this version:

Updated map data – Version 2011 includes approximately a year and a half fresher map data than the previous version, 6,538,642 miles of navigable roads (up 88K miles from last release), 1.9 million points of interest.

Get notified of new products and services - This is Microsoft's 3rd iteration of this feature. In 2009 there was a simple implementation that popped up a small dialog box letting the user know that a new version is available. In 2010, it was expanded so the text in the message could be changed and messages could be displayed to any version of the product including the multilingual versions of MapPoint and AutoRoute. Now in 2011, Microsoft has the ability to show the user an image on launch. It can alert users to a new version or a special promotion or to a cool new tip on laptopgpsworld.com LOL.

Send map feedback - Send missing data/road information directly to NAVTEQ, the map data provider, rather than via Microsoft. On the menu bar, click Help, then select Send map feedback. On a couple of occasions in the past, I sent map data corrections to Navteq, and I was delighted to find out they had a system in place that would actually let the user know the result of their investigation.

Simplified setup/installation - The installer no longer prompts the user to set Bing as the homepage for the web browser, and there are no more Bing Toolbar options, etc.

Some improvement in the driving instructions over previous releases - One of the subtle improvements is the richer "towards" signpost data.

This shows up in the Itinerary and is also displayed in the bottom Navigation pane in square brackets [].

Here is a quick side by side screenshot of version 2011 vs 2010 for the same route:

Version 2011 adds  richer "towards" signpost data

You can see on the LEFT (2011) there is directionality or cardinal directions associated with the Highways. For example "I-15 N" versus as it was in 2010 "I-15". It doesn't seem like a big deal but when you are traveling in unfamiliar territory and taking on-ramps and exchanges between highways - direction DOES make a difference.

More alternate names for roads

Many additional alternate names have been added to S&T 2011. In the screenshot above, see an example where I-90's alternate name is also given ("Mountains To Sound Greenway").
Even though I'm happy with CoPilot, I was hoping the S&T 2011 would update the program for better use with touchscreens & tablets.
Thanks for this review, Marvin. Subtle enhancements, indeed. Mind you, I will not miss "Find coupons" or "Send to GPS device" and the improved directions will be welcome.
Marvin Hlavac
Don't take my word for this, because I've never used the "Send to Mobile device" "Send to GPS device" feature, but if I'm correct it was working in conjunction with MSN Direct service, and a couple of years back I heard MSN Direct was to discontinue, so this was to be expected. The GPX Import/Export functionality, that was added in Streets and Trips 2010, is the way to move stuff around.
I'm still downloading but have a question:

When the GPS is active and a route is planned, can you delete or rearrange stops in 2011? I know that in 2009 (my current version) you technically can, but you have to be REALLY fast to do it.
I think that "Send to Mobile Phone" is available in 2011. It's Send to GPS that's been taken out.
Marvin Hlavac
@Malaki86 - I just tested it for you. This behavior has not changed. When a route is plotted, and GPS Tracking has been enabled, and when you then highlight a Stop, End, or Start in the Route Planner, within a second or less, the Stop will lose focus, and you will no longer be able to move the Stop up or down on the list of Stops. So either you must be very quick, and manage to accomplish it in less then a second, or you have to turn off GPS Tracking while you reshuffle the Stops in the Route Planner.

@t923347 - Yes, thanks for correcting us. It's the "Send to GPS device" feature that we've been talking about. I edited the two posts above to prevent confusion.
Hummm. for all the things people wrote about and asked for in great abundance, I for one am really disappointed in 2011. New maps are not an enhancement to updated software, but IMO are just a standard must. Coupons button gone??? OK so you got rid of something that was a waste of time anyways. Improvements in driving instructions? You mean you fixed something that was not working properly. MS had a great chance here to put in some really useful enhancements and kick ass in the GPS race. They missed the boat on this one. This is nothing more then a 2010 version update and fix.
To be honest, if the software didn't say 2011 in it, I'd swear I was using the 2009 version.
I wish Microsoft would update their layout in the Navigation view mode, or at least add a "Laptop" mode.

I am a Professional driver that has been using Streets & Trips all day, every day for about 6 years now.
I know this mode was originally designed for PDA type devices, but everyone that I know uses it on a Laptop instead. Newer "widescreen" laptops are much wider than they are tall, unlike PDA's which were taller than wide. How about a PC and a Tablet mode.

  1. Please put the turn directions to the left or right, because with the directions shown at the bottom of the screen it blocks a large part of the usable map area.
  2. Please add an Avoid Toll Road button that can be turned on or off at will in route planning, without having to dive into the menus or manually route around.
  3. Please get rid of the large zoom rate on zooming in or out. The way it is now, a few clicks and you are looking at the "Earth" from outer space. The smaller zoom rate should be the default as it is all that I have ever needed. Press and hold (+,-) and it will still zoom faster than your eyes can adjust to. [I did have "registry entry" for an older version of S&T's that did just that, but it doesn't work on the newer versions.]
I must say that MS missed the boat on Streets and Maps 2011, not much difference from 2010...

Actually, S&T 2007 and S&T 2010 worked rather well on both a tablet and a UMPC and I would expect the same for S&T 2011. I agree with your point about the excessive screen real estate dedicated to the Navigation pane when operated in landscape orientation, but that can be reduced somewhat by changing the screen orientation to portrait, if you are using a tablet or UMPC (but not a laptop with fixed conventional landscape orientation).

As for your Streets & Trips 2012 wishlist, there is a long unfulfilled wishlist from users of prior versions elsewhere on this Forum which, at the current clean-up rate, will require a few more decades.
I won't even bother posting any more suggestions for Streets & Trips. It's pretty apparent that they don't pay one iota of attention to them.

The REALLY sad part is that it took them this long to get it released. Why would they need an additional 6 months to release a product that has 3 or 4 minor changes to it.

-1 Microsoft
Has the GPX import been changed so that time is also imported, and thus speed can be computed, or is it still only the lat-long that is imported?
Here's the route section of my current trip. I have a departure time set for each stop:

  <rtept lat="34.3469345010817" lon="-83.3192814420909">
    <name>Flying J - Patriot Farms #877 (Carnesville) (Patriot Truck Care Patriot Farms Restaurant)</name>
    <time>Invalid DateTime-05:00</time>
  <rtept lat="32.3452105466276" lon="-88.7276048865169">
    <name>Pilot #388 (Meridian) (Subway)</name>
    <time>Invalid DateTime-05:00</time>
  <rtept lat="32.5803587213159" lon="-93.2480009738356">
    <name>Truckers Paradise - I-20 Exit 49 - Minden; LA - (L) Dubberly LA 71024</name>
    <time>Invalid DateTime-05:00</time>
  <rtept lat="32.9296015296131" lon="-97.0199092011899">
    <name>8920 N Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75063</name>
    <time>Invalid DateTime-05:00</time>
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