Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011
Another thought on how to find locations in the middle of nowhere:

Phone the local authority that charges rates and taxes for the property and ask them for the lat/lon coords. They will have tax maps or a database that has that info. Hopefully, the dreaded "privacy" won't get in the way as the location of an address should be public info even if the name of the person who lives there isn't.

Then enter the lat/lon into Google Maps and switch to satellite view. Even if it doesn't have the road marked you should be able to see the road or track that connects the location to a marked road. Left click on the magnifying glass under the scale bar on the left hand side and then right click on the the map at the desired intersection and select Drop LatLng Marker. Click, drag to highlight lat/lon, copy and paste into satnav software (preferably, S&T because that's what you have and it's the easiest to use) and it will take you to the intersection or you can create a via point (Garmin's term because I can't remember what they're called in S&T - waypoint? - no a stop) and include that in your day's route.

Take a screen print from Google Maps of the road or track that leads to your location if it has cross or side roads that you may get lost at.
In S&T you could use the drawing tools on the Drawing Toolbar, line and or fluro pen, to draw a mudmap of the road or track from the known intersection to the location.

What is a mud map? - Yahoo!7 Answers

Mud Map - home

My favourite mudmap.

While looking for the mudmap of Oz I found this caption competition on the same website:

And the winner is ...

The PTI felt a moment’s guilt for not telling the boys the park-brake on the Rover was on. It soon passed ...
Tpr Ryan Kadwell,
161 Recce Sqn

Army newspaper staff also liked:

Working dog handlers were having a little trouble with their new dog ‘Princess’.
AC/R Stewart Watkins, 23 Sqn

An example of how not to use the chain of command.
Sig Michael Henry, LSF Sig Sqn

How the hell do you bog a Leopard tank?
A.C. Asbury, Queensland
Just a thorny note here. I've used Streets & Trips since 2002, and now use mostly the 2004 version.
I've owned the 2005, 06, and 08 and all went in the trash.
Yes MS does not support it's software, so what else is new.
It does not listen to users, it's too big for that.

The only improvement I've seen in 10 years is a few new streets added. This does not even come close to all they have screwed up, and useful things deleted.

My last try, 2008 had the new register your PC hassle crap.
I tossed it out because the thing would not work with it's included GPS receiver ????
As you have undoubtedly read many times in these pages, if MS can't get their stuff to work, on their own operating systems, what's the use.
I come on here now and then just to be reminded not to waste the money.
After 30+ years on the road, and as a design/product consultant, I can think of many things that could put S&T on top, but they'd have to pay me for that.
Thanks for that reminder. I haven't been able to download "routes" for so long I have forgotten about it.
I work the trip out, on the computer, in MapSource so I can name/# them to find easily in the GPS favorites folder. As you know it's a lot quicker and easier to do than trying to do them on the GPS.
I just download waypoints to the favorites folder and use the "Where to" for each step of the route.
Thanks all. You've given me lots of good advice.

My cell isn't a smart phone, even though it had the mapping app... at least it's not very smart.
Marvin Hlavac
A few posts from here were moved to: Streets & Trips 2013 download available likely any moment now
I noticed in 2011 MS still hasn't fixed the Average/faster/slower speed setting screen in the options window.
You can't use an average with out a constant. In other words, they don't tell you what average is, so how can you compare your driving to it???
To say you are faster or slower that some thing you need a number. Average is not a number.
Marvin Hlavac
The new version is now available to the public in stores and as a free trial download. First impressions have been posted already in our Streets & Trips 2013 review.
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