Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011
Are the items listed above in this thread stating the "new" functionality in ST2011 the total extent of new features or is there a more extensive review of this release forthcoming ??
Marvin Hlavac
Hi hrp41,

This year product developers didn't add much as far as new functionality to their various software. And that includes competing products, not just Streets & Trips 2011.

This year will be remembered as "just a map refresher" year. Hopefully Streets and Trips 2012 will bring to us some new exciting feature or two.

So yes, since there was very little to write about this year, I made the review a summary of new features that were added to the product since version 2005. It may be useful to those who haven't updated for a while.
Marvin - thanks for the reply - maybe the S&T team are trying to regain their strength after the 2010 version which seemed to be a pretty good year for enchacements
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, version 2010 brought some very useful features; features I didn't even expect to see because users had been asking for them for such a long time w/out Microsoft implementing them. But it wasn't just v2010. All the previous versions, I'd say from at least 2005, brought some features that definitely improved user experience, especially in the GPS area.
Re: Arco Norte

The NW highway MX57D and SE highway MX150D (San Martin Texmelucan) connections for the “Arco Norte” are on ST2010; they just aren’t labeled as such. What’s missing is the center part. These may or may not be on ST2011. I haven’t installed it to see.

I have drawn a line using the parts that are on ST2010, and interpolated the parts that are missing based on Mexican drawings. If you have ST2011, you can copy and past my line in your program and zoom in to see if the center parts are there (my line should be reasonably close).

If it still is not on ST2011, and you want to actually drive the Arco Norte, you cannot use my line to plan the route, but you can use it to find the access from either direction, and the center parts should be easy just by following the Cuota to the other end.
Re: Arco Norte 2

I’ve driven the eastern leg of the Arco Norte in both directions. It is a very good highway with very little traffic. But I always enter or exit in the area of Calpulalpan, Tlaxcala, connecting north in Pachuca, Hicalgo.

‘Why?’ you ask. Two reasons, one cause!

The Cause: The Arco Norte passes through the state of Mexico in two different places.
The Reasons:

1. The state police of Mexico (that’s the ones that patrol the highways) are notorious thieves (Some? Absolutely; Many? Probably! All? Who knows!) They look for out of state plates (especially north of the border) and will stop you for no reason and demand a bribe of $200 (dollars, not pesos) or more, and if you don’t pay they will tow your car.

2. Smog control! For years Mexico City and now the state of Mexico has imposed restrictions to keep very car off the street at least one day a week. They do this by monitoring license plates, i.e., the last number of your plate determines what day you cannot drive. If you get caught they will tow your car. In the state of Mexico (especially if you have a foreign plate) they will stop you regardless of what your plate number is and demand a bribe.

Caveat Emptor!
Rule of thumb.
Don't drive your own vehicle to Mexico.
I don’t Know for this year (Season 2010_2011), but last year (2009_2010) I drove over 12 000 Kms across Mexico and I didn’t have any of those problems…
With MS S&T 2010 I had 2 major problems: 1) Almost all “one way” was not indicated on map… And the GPS was directing you again the traffic! 2) Often the GPS position was wrong in many city; we was located on the wrong street…
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I agree Streets & Trips 2011 appears to be nothing more then fixes that should have been in 2010. Is there a way to try before buy to make sure the roads have been upgraded properly. There are quite a few upgraded and/or new highways in my area over two years old that should have been in 2010 but weren't.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, you can either download the trial version from MSFT site, or post here with the information about the new highway/road location, and one of us, who already uses the new version, may post a screenshot of the area here for you.
I can't see any difference between 2010 and 2011. Even the bug with the "distance to the end" is still there.
For one whole year they scratched their head thinking what to improve for 2011 version and finally they realized that there is nothing to be improved(!!!!!).
They even released 2011 later than usual because they were thinking to fix or not to fix the bug above mentioned. The final decision is obvious.
I will not waste my money on 2011.
Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by nialag
I drove over 12 000 Kms across Mexico and I didn’t have any of those problems…
Alain, thanks for the screenshot! That's a very impressive trip! Let's hope Navteq will keep on improving its map data for Mexico, and a few years down the road the coverage quality will hopefully be on par with what we are used to in USA/Canada.
Ken in Regina
The big problem with mapping in countries like Mexico is that the raw map data that companies like Navteq acquire to assemble their maps from just doesn't exist to the same quantity and quality as what we have available in North America.

Even amateurs who wish to assemble their own maps are in great shape in Canada, US, UK and similar countries where our governments have huge repositories of relatively up to date and accurate map data that we citizens can access for free. A very good example is the Ibycus Canadian topo maps that are available for free for Garmin devices. The fellow who put them together is a university student who did it in his spare time from federal and provincial public databases. It is better than Garmin's Topo Canada in some respects.

That sort of data simply is not available in many countries. That makes it difficult for map data suppliers like Navteq and TeleAtlas to create GPS maps for the country.

Arco Norte and Mexico - sorry - it is not my intention to hijack this thread but someone brought this up and I feel I have to comment - I have traveled extensively in Mexico - all over Mexico - since 1971 and have never ever had one single problem with any police of any kind. The only times we have encountered police is at the normal check points and when we get lost and ask for help. We have offered money to those who help us find our way and they refuse. They have never been anything but helpful and kind. I have been hearing these horror stories about Mexico for all of these years and since the first time I went there people have told me I am crazy. Yet in all these years I can't think of one single bad story to tell about our experiences in Mexico. And yes, I have driven all around Mexico City. I am sure there are those who have had bad experiences but I never have. I can't tell you how many times I have been to Mexico or how many miles I have driven or how many places I have been but I can tell you I have a great many years and miles of experience without any problem. So there are positive things that can be said along with the negative. I know this is not a Mexico forum but I just don't think all the negativity is necessary without a counterpoint.
Marvin Hlavac
Thanks for that feedback, Confused. It's not off topic at all, and it's very interesting indeed as part of the discussion of the Mexico map coverage quality in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011.

There wouldn't be much need for us to care about Mexico maps if we were all afraid of vacationing there.
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