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....have never ever had one single problem with any police of any kind. The only times we have encountered police is at the normal check points and when we get lost and ask for help. We have offered money to those who help us find our way and they refuse. They have never been anything but helpful and kind.

It was the same for us...
I apologize to anyone who may have found my comments offensive.
Marvin Hlavac
Loping, I experienced police corruption while traveling in a foreign country a while back, too, so I can relate to what you have described quite well. Thanks for the valuable input. It's always good to hear various experiences from various people.
When I read the oppinions of some people here I tend to ask one of my good friends to interfere and tell u what happen to him in Mexico. I personally came at the border with clothes because he was in underware. Yes in underware. He got beaten and robed 100%(I mean 99.99% coz of the underware).
I can also ask another friend of mine to tell u how he went back into USA without truck, belongings and ID (did I mention that the thing happened two times?).
So again, I'm just confused when I hear from other people what a nice and peacefull country is Mexico.
I don't know what should I believe no more.
Try it by yourself, that’s the only way...

If you speak Spanish and use pesos (not U$ money) that’s help too… in my opinion to get a better welcome!
I don't even cross into the US any more as the border is unpleasant!!

Terry is right. From various reasons crossing the border (any of it) became lately a such headache. My job consist in crossing the border every week and sometimes is hellish.
Only they know why are doing this.

About crossing the border into Mexico...well, I wont do it soon. I don't speak Spanish at all and I'm not curious to start learning it soon. There are so many other places (where GPS is working well) where is worth to spend my money. Both Canada and USA are blessed with magnificent places to see. For me, to take a risk is a luxury that I can't afford.
I really really did not and do not want to start any fights or flaming posts. I was brought up that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I do not want the bad mouth anyone or anything. But when I read these posts where people make these claims about crime in Mexico – and don’t get me wrong, I do know there is crime in Mexico and there is a drug war and people are getting killed etc. etc. etc. – it does make me want to say something. It would appear, from what is said here, that some people have the idea that there is no crime in the US and that it is only safe if you stay in the US – that none of the things that happen in Mexico ever happen in the US. And again, please do not get me wrong for saying this or misunderstand what I am saying – anyone who thinks these things don’t also happen in the US or that people are safe only here in the US are simply not paying attention. Both the FBI and the US Department of Justice have websites with extensive statistics about crime. I will not post the facts here but if you check it out you may be astounded. The US leads the world in a number of categories. I am not bad mouthing the US or saying Mexico is better or anything like that. Please please don’t take this that way. But let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I read somewhere that 99% of crime takes place within about 3% of the land mass – in other words most crime occurs in very specific areas. This is true in both the US and Mexico and probably a lot of other countries. If you know where the problem areas are and how to avoid trouble you can remain relatively safe in either country. If you are afraid to go to Mexico then don’t go - but at least be realistic about it.

We travel almost full time in our motorhome. We travel all over North America. We love all of it. We visit Mexico in the winter because there is nowhere else we can go in our motorhome where the weather suits us in winter – not even FL or TX or AZ or CA. We go to beaches but also to ruins where there are pyramids as big or bigger than those found in Egypt. We look at the architecture of the old cities and churches. And we meet some really wonderful people. While we are at it we seem to save a lot of money too. We do know the Mexico is not for everyone and that many people have many fears. Mexico is an experience and those of us who spend months at a time there each year do a lot of research before we go and we keep up with what is going on at all times. We know of thousands of US citizens who also visit Mexico each winter and many thousands more who have moved there – 10,000 in San Miguel de Allende and over 100,000 around Lake Chapala and Guadalajara. We follow news of Mexico very closely and though there have been and are many rumors of crimes against Americans the facts actually indicate that these things almost never actually happen. Yes, there is a drug war and right now might not be a good time to go. But that will not be going on forever. I have been hearing these horror stories for 40 years but only in the last couple of years have I actually had any concerns about what is actually going on – as opposed to wild but unfounded rumors. I suggest that anyone interested at all in visiting Mexico do a lot of research and find the online forums where regular visitors to Mexico can answer all your questions intelligently.
It seems to me that the subject is the software Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011
Maybe we need a new topic section for travel experiences. We are a community with the same interests pretty much. Having a "lounge" to tell fishing stories and other tales of adventure might be a fun idea.
Ken in Regina
Hi Dan,

That "lounge" already exists. Look at the description of the "General Discussions" forum. I know it's not specifically for what you suggest but such topics exist there already and fit there quite nicely.

Baja Boojum
Sorry to add to the 'off-topic' subject, but...

Like many of you we have driven all over Mexico without any problems or hassle. The only hesitation I have nowadays is driving in the border areas with a late model full-size pickup or SUV, since these seem to be what have been carjacked lately.

Anyone interested in good Mexico travel discussion should go to Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forum. As usual it attracts the occasional extremists- people who think that stepping over the border is a death sentence, and people who pretend nothing is happening in our neighbor to the south. Most participants give good, reasonable, and realistic advice and information.

And yes- I have promoted Streets and Trips in that forum.
Back to the database issues in the Toronto area. Bing Maps online shows the SAME problem around the 401 highway and the 427 as Streets and Trips 2011. The database clearly is missing the road just east of the 427 in the database, as it detours off the 401 and gets back on the 401 at the 427 or just west of the 427, depending on the traffic conditions selection. So Bing too needs the same fix that S&T 2011 needs. Likely has the same problems with the 427 at the QEW as I had coming from the southwest in S&T 2011. Will they leave Bing that way until 2012 too???
Marvin Hlavac
Bob, thanks for pointing out that the same map routing error is present in Bing Maps. I have not observed the same in other Navteq-based products, and I suspect this is a Microsoft made error. It will be interesting to watch Bing Maps over the next few months. My guess is that the error will go away with the next map data update. I wonder how often they do it. Once per quarter? Twice a year? Annually?
I am not sure of the exact procedure for getting MS to correct S&T but what if you drove the correct route with tracking turned on and then use the SEND MAP FEEDBACK function to notify whoever of the correction. Then I suppose just wait?
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