Streets & Trips 2013 installed, but does not start
I installed the trial version successfully, but am unable to open it. On the activation screen I check: use trial version, but nothing at all opens up.

Any idea what could be the problem?
Marvin Hlavac
Dutchie, sorry to hear that. The first thing I would likely try is to right-click the program's shortcut icon, and from the menu that opens up select "Run as administrator". Also, you may try to restart the computer before you try it again.
Are you waiting long enough? I find, even on Win 7, it takes a long time before the splash screen appears the first time. My experience with previous versions on XP was even longer...excruciatingly so.

When I run it as administrator I'm finally getting something, albeit not good. I'm getting the dreaded "the DVD is not in the drive or the installation is corrupt" message ( 5-40003-6). I'm googling for clues like crazy, but in the meantime my trial days are dwindling.

I'm currently traveling and really could have put it to a good test. Might it have to do something with Microsoft Office?

Any help is appreciated.
Have you tried disabling your anti virus/malware software? Should not need to do that in order to run S&T, but it may be worth a try.
Marvin Hlavac
Might it have to do something with Microsoft Office?
Yes, you are correct, Dutchie.

The entire text of the error message is as follows:

A removable device or network share cannot be found. The DVD is not in the drive or the installation of this application is corrupt. Make sure the drive you installed is attached, the DVD is the drive, your network is connected, or run Setup again from its original location.

This problem occurs if the InstallTo values that are created in the Windows registry for Microsoft MapPoint are incorrect.

Additionally, the problem occurs if the default location for a Microsoft Office program is changed, and if a conflict exists between that location and the template location for MapPoint or Streets & Trips.
Read the following KB for steps to correct the issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/913180
Note, that would be 19.0 as in:

'C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Streets & Trips\19.0\Templates'

assuming you are using Win 7.

Thanks everyone. I had read about that KB sometime ago, that's why Microsoft Office was in the back of my mind, but I had lost the info. I renamed one entry in the registry and it works !!!

Now I have 10 trial days left to play with. Less color is a little different but it gives a cleaner look.
Gosh, now I've got the program to work but can not seem to make it work with the new Mega POI file.
Does anyone have suggestions for that? Please...

I received and offer today for $10 off the purchase, so $29.99 is not too bad... if I can just get it all to work first.
Be sure you have the right version of the mega file. They are different for each version. What version trial did you install.
The 2013 version. When I try to open it I get the activation screen but nothing happens.
Dutchie - Thanks for your persistence!

If you open S&T 2013 from the start menu to see the default map. Then go to File -->Open and browse to the POI Megafile and open it from there. Does that work?
Thanks Larry,
I was ready to say YES it works, when all hell broke loose. All the desktop/program icons changed to Street & Trips icons. Restore the computer did not work, it hung up. I had to remove the battery from the laptop.
It has taken me all day to fix a corrupt user profile, redo the KB 913180 fix and after a lot of googling I figured out how to fix errors 1321 and error 1326 in S & T 2013.
But I have S & T 2013 going, including the Mega POI. Sadly there are only 7 trial days left . Pfff, what an ordeal.
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