Garmin GLO Bluetooth GLONASS receiver
These are going to be very crude also, but should be an improvement over the the Garmin basemap:

Originally Posted by Boyd
I tried using Mapconverter to change this to the old registry format, but it wouldn't do it, so I don't think you will be able to use this with ancient software like nRoute.
Sorry, I was wrong about that. I was using Javawa MapConverter, not MapReverseConveter.

Just downloaded MapReverseConverter, pointed it to the location of the Global Application Basemap and it quickly converted to the old registry format. I opened nRoute and the map was available there with no problem.

So if you really want this lousy old basemap, it's easy to do. Just install Basecamp, if you haven't already done so and convert the basemap found at the location I posted earlier.
I only mentioned the base map as it was the only one I had seen, not that it was worth anything. I knew you or Ken would come through with something better! I'm sure one of those other examples will meet Bluediesel's needs.

Just thinking here… since bluediesel is using an airplane, not a car, and he already has a GLO.... Garmin makes an app specifically designed for the GLO and airplanes, "Pilot"


If you or a family member has an ipad or Android tablet, you might take a look. I posted about it earlier in this thread. The first time I paired the GLO with my iPhone, an alert came up asking if I wanted to download "the app".

The app turned out to be Pilot, with a one month free subscription. I have no use for it, so I ended up deleting it, but I posted some screenshots here: : http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/4860-garmin-glo-bluetooth-glonass-receiver-p19#post49112

Ken in Regina
That looks a lot like some of the displays on my iQue 3600A. The A stands for "Aviation". I like to take it out in the car occasionally, put it on the turn and bank indicator display, and find a curvy road.

I agree with everything Boyd has said. My first thought was the iQue world basemap. I have a much larger version than the original 10MB version he referred to. But still the same problem: It's a gmapbmap.img file so no good for nRoute. There's a similarly larger one that came with Garmin Mobile PC but it's also only good on devices, not nRoute.

So the best options are reverse converting the Basecamp basemap or grabbing something from open source.

I'm on the road right now, out in Terry's neck of the woods, so I can't check to see if there's anything useful that came with my iQue 3600A. I know it has the Jeppeson IFR charts but they are pretty old and in device format. I doubt nRoute would be able to display them even if they were in the right format.

.......... Does anyone know if JaVaWa has something that will convert a device map back to Mapsource format?

Dear Gentlemen, greetings!
Thank you all for the kind notes, much appreciated. I use nRoute because it connects to a GPS (GLO) and is a map that does not need internet access. It also shows the globe, and that is useful when travelling to Asia and Europe etc. Was wondering if there was another globe style map for nRoute. I have Europe and North America covered thanks to Terry and MRC.
ON my Android phone have some maps but they don't connect to GLO only the onboard GPS inside the phone and that is problematic sometimes.
Those maps that can use GLO on my phone also need an internet connection.
So some maps can be stored on phone but can't use GLO, other maps can be stored but don't connect to GLO.
regards, Rob
Originally Posted by bluediesel
ON my Android phone have some maps but they don't connect to GLO only the onboard GPS inside the phone
Are you sure about that? Doesn't sound right to me, I use an Android tablet and it works like a charm with the GLO. The trick is that you need to install a free app called Bluetooth GPS - see this FAQ from Garmin.

Once you set this up properly, the tablet or phone will just use the GLO data in exactly the same manner as it would use an internal GPS. The app won't really "know" it is using the GLO, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues. I can say it's worked fine for me with any number of apps.

There are many, many Android apps with onboard maps that you can install over wifi at home, and they can be used anywhere without a data connection or cell signal.


How do I pair and use the Garmin GLO with my Android device?


To pair and use the Garmin GLO with an Android device, please follow these steps:

Download and Install Bluetooth GPS from the Google Play Store. (Bluetooth GPS is a third-party application and is not affiliated with Garmin.) Make sure the GLO is turned on:

On your Android device, touch "Settings".
Touch "Bluetooth".
Under "Devices", locate the GLO and touch to pair.
Once the GLO is paired, locate the Bluetooth GPS app and launch.

Touch the box to "Enable Mock GPS Provider" box within the app. Note: You may be taken to an Android settings page with an option to "Allow mock locations". If so, touch to check this option and then press the back button on the phone.
From within the Bluetooth GPS app, press menu (location may vary), then "Settings".
Under "Service Settings", Touch the "Reconnect" check box
Under "Connection Problems Related", touch the check box for "Use Insecure Connection".
Press the "Back" button on your Android device.
From the home screen of the Bluetooth GPS app, touch the "Connect" button to the right of the Garmin GLO. If you see data filling up the fields below, then everything is working properly.
To test further and ensure that GPS data is being received, touch the "Status" and "Map" tabs at the top of the application.

Status: Displays satellite information.
Map: Displays your location on a map.
At this point, the Bluetooth GPS application can be closed and location information should be obtained in other apps.

Additional Notes:

Once connected to the Garmin GLO, you can completely disable the internal GPS receiver of your Android device. You can change this in the settings on your phone. The exact steps may vary by phone:
Open "Settings" on your Android device.
Locate your option for "Location", "Privacy and Security" or something similar.
Most phones will have 3 options - use GPS and networks, networks only and GPS only. Select the option for network only . This will effectively disable the GPS on the phone.
For your convenience, a widget (miniature version of an app) for the Bluetooth GPS application can be added to the home screen of your Android device. This would allow you to quickly enable or disable the Bluetooth GPS connection without having to open the application completely.
Other third-party bluetooth GPS applications, such as the Bluetooth GPS Provider application, can be used as an alternative if needed. However, not every third-party bluetooth GPS application will work properly for the Garmin GLO.
G'day All from the Land Down Under

I've just purchased a GLO to run with my Surface Pro 4 and OziExplorer. The reason I went with the GLO is the Surface only has 1 USB input so I needed Bluetooth. I originally purchased an XGPS 160 it connected straight off, only problem was it was logging in the middle of the pacific ocean. After some back and forwards with the company they gave me a full refund.

So after a few false starts with the GLO I've got it running via GPS Gate to Oziexplorer. Many thanks to the huge number of contributors to this thread without you I doubt I'd have got it to work.

The next job is to get it to talk to my iPhone 6. Longer term the plan is to run the GLO straight into ArcPAD or similar mobile GIS program on the Surface.

Glad we were able to help. I use mine with an iPhone 6s plus and it works perfectly. I just wish Garmin provided an app to monitor the GLO to show things like accuracy and battery charge. Other bluetooth GPS units have these.

I have used a couple iOS GIS apps - iGIS and CartoMobile. They have some nice features although I don't use them much anymore. There's also an app called Map Plus from a Chinese company that is a little odd but has an interesting feature set and is cheap.

I have a Jot Dash fine point stylus that works with on the iPhone screen with software like this.
Hi Boyd
Thanks for that. I run ArcGIS on my Surface for my day job as an Environmental Consultant so I'm familiar with GIS systems. I'll have a look at the apps you mention today.
Dear Terry, and Boyd, and members at large.

Good day from Hollyburn mountain, how are you?
For the last many months, have been fairly successful in keeping nRoute and Garmin Glo working on my microsoft surface.
Thanks to you guys for sure!
At the moment have a problem that I need help with.
When I start Fransongate, I get a green light, good position data out
However nRoute is not getting the data, and when I go to Franson settings, and click on output and select virtual com 7/ garmin emulator, or indeed any other output, I get a failure to create virtual serial port.
GpsGateDirect works fine, but I cannot create any serial port using any of the options in Fransongate output tab.
In nRoute, COM 3 is not available when I try to select, and COM 7 does not exist when I select it.
The day the virtual ports stopped was the day I put the surface into hibernation without closing nRoute or GPSgate!

Any ideas as to what is going on?
I remember that problem from ages ago. At the time it took a BIOS change to fix it. Last time I saw it recently, I uninstalled GPS Gate, downloaded a new copy and reinstalled it. Not sure what the cause was but that fixed it. try that first.

GPS Gate Client now called Splitter is available here: http://gpsgate.com/download/gpsgate_client

That's strange. Unfortunately, I only use the GLO with my iPhone these days, and pretty rarely at that. It's been years since I've used any Windows GPS software. Hopefully the re-installation trick will work.
thank you Terry! It is very early AM Tuesday here in China, will let you know later how it goes, regards, Rob
I thought Hollyburn was in West Vancouver.

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