Garmin GLO Bluetooth GLONASS receiver
I tested Street Atlas 2011 with GLO. It works well on my test drive with Win 10 Thinkpad X1. A first since 2010 on my last RV trip. I have an RV friend who has SA 2012 plus. That would be good until I get a hold of 2015. Got a new Topo 10 from eBay. May start looking at hiking Delorme GPS.
Garmin bought DeLorme a few years ago and discontinued everything but their "inReach" satellite communicators. Is that what you want? I would not get any of the old DeLorme PN series devices. I don't think you will get much if any support for them.

But you seem to enjoy adopting "orphans".
Yes, after looking at eBay. There was much good Delorme PN-XX GPS left and supported. That is ashamed. Hiking is my renew hobby at retirement, not so much in it yet. Its an offshoot of RV travel which I am/was for years.

Looks like I will need to look in Garmin or others. Garmin has not been my favorite company. They like to charge any chance they can. Delorme, on the other hand, is generous on their map when they were in business.

My RV is 65 foot long, will use #1 Google map hand free voice command. #2 Copilot RV apps as a backup with the map stored in the device, a good price at $39 now. #3 Delorme 2012 plus for planning but active tracking during the trip, so a change can be revised quickly. My wife will be the navigator in this complex mix.

PS, Windows 10 Map app is pretty and clear, the weather app deserve a plug from being free and no ad (unlike Weather.com). A custom Windows PC in the RV will handle all the nav, trip research and weather forecast duty.
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