S&T 2013 discounted
Marvin Hlavac
Good things come to those who wait :-)

29.99 and 59.99
Glenn: Thanks for that. That is a very good price and I would normally buy it.
However, I have used the trial version and have decided it is better for me to keep the 2011. I think this is the first year I have not bought the new version. Oh well, maybe they will make the 2014 more to my liking.
Mike Flannigan
I was waffling between getting it or not, but with the lower price, I'm going for it. Funny, how a $10 discount can change my mind.
Tried to buy it and it would not accept ON (Ontario).
Went back to the email and sure enough found this: "Offer valid for U.S. residents only and expires July 26, 2012"

I hate when they do that.
Marvin Hlavac
Too bad! But thanks for letting us know about it anyway, Glenn!
I'm trying to muster up something for my Canadian brethren... stay tuned.
Hope you can do something. I'll try to wait patiently.
I tried phoning Microsoft Store and they wouldn't do anything for me.
I work with Larry and have great news. As soon as Streets & Trips 2013 is on the Microsoft Store Canada, you will get the same $10 discount as the U.S. customers! Just enter promo code Streets2013CA in the shopping cart. We apologize for the delay, the new versions should by available by August 1.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Jennifer,

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the Canadian release date ETA. Historically, this product always released in Canada about a month after the US launch. It wasn't an issue when the downloadable trial was good for 60 days, but since it is now good for only 14 days, some people may find themselves suddenly with unusable software on their computers (hopefully it won't happen during a trip).
Thanks Marvin. I'm sorry that the timing isn't better. The sad news is that we really wanted to launch in the U.S. and Canada simultaneously, but there are some changes happening at the Store and they just couldn't get it up at the same time. But the team is working hard and might be able to get it live sooner than August 1st. I'll post an update as soon as it's live.
Hi JenniferC

And why isn't it available on the Microsoft Store Australia?

Or at least allow us to buy it from the US Store. It is electronic delivery after all so there aren't any postal issues.

I tell all my friends who are going to North America (or Europe) to get Streets & Trips (or AutoRoute) but they can't buy it until they get there, USA, and how do you find a shop that sells it without any navigation software to get there? Also it's a bit late for planning purposes.

It seems that AR is impossible to buy for non-EU residents because the UK Store won't accept non-EU based credit cards and it isn't available in any stores that I have visited during my recent 4 month stay in Europe and UK. I looked in the biggest PC chains (eg FNAC in France and Spain and PC World in UK) and the software sections of the hypermarches (eg Carrefour, Geant and E Le Clerc in France and Tesco and Asda (WalMart) in UK) but they didn't stock it.

Any suggestions on where to buy it over the counter in Europe?
Originally Posted by glennw
Tried to buy it and it would not accept ON (Ontario).
Went back to the email and sure enough found this: "Offer valid for U.S. residents only and expires July 26, 2012"

I hate when they do that.
Trick is to phone the US Store and just give them a credit card number and and email address. That is how I got mine up and running. Was down to just 5 days left of the trial and had tried to buy it online via store but as you found out the site could not take our Postal Codes. They email the code to you and all you have to do is copy and paste.
I am starting a cross country trip next Wed. (Aug 1)

I guess the only solution is to use the store, as above. Thanks Guy.

Still nothing on the Microsoft Canada store and I'm going on holidays tomorrow.
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