Possible problem with 2013 S&T Rest Areas as stops
Tom Bernardi
I have tried to get two sets of rest areas to be stops and when I ask to make it a stop, it makes the nearby rest area going in the other direction a stop. I'm using the red picnic table rest stop set that is embedded in the map, not the ones from the megafile.

This looks to be a serious glitch, as it is re-routing me to the wrong side.

Here are two examples: The rest area on I-75 in Florida near Webster, south of exit 309. Clicking on the northbound side gives me a stop on the southbound area. Then on the rest area south of Ocala on I-75, the opposite is true. Clicking on the southbound rest area for a stop creates one on the northbound side.

Someone please confirm if this is true. Remember to use the red rest area symbols embedded in the map.

Marvin Hlavac
Tom, I'm able to reproduce the issue.

Here's what I see:

Rest Area, Bushnell FL 33513, has a location on both, the S/B (southbound) and also the N/B (northbound), sides of I-75. When, in Streets & Trips 2013, I right-click the S/B location icon, and click on "add as stop", the S/B location is correctly added as a stop (see stop #1). However, when I click on the icon for the N/B location rest area to add it as a stop, the stop is created in the opposite (S/B location) rest area (see stop #2).

As a work around, I suggest to add the road (not the icon) as your stop (see stop #3).

Good catch, Tom!
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Tom Bernardi

I tried an additional dual rest stop in Georgia and got the same type of result.

This must be a wide spread issue with the map icons.

Marvin Hlavac
It seems as if these problem rest areas, which consist of two locations (one in each direction) are treated as only a single location (even-though two separate icons do appear on the map).
Tom Bernardi
Previous versions of S&T have not had this issue. The map maker must have made changes to that part of their software and not performed proper QC testing of the changes.


...Previous versions of S&T have not had this issue. ...
I have difficulty agreeing with that. I have had those problems for some time and have always found highway reststops problematic in earlier versions. I had this problem as recently as yesterday with S&T 2010 routing over I-95 in Maryland. I had to drag the stop around, zoomed-in, until S&T was happy.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same."
This is probably not the same exact problem described above, but I've also found rest stops to sometimes be problematical with older versions of S&T, but not just rest stops. For example, on a west-bound route, if clicking from a zoomed-out view onto a spot on the highway, S&T isn't "smart enough" to prefer the side of the highway your route is on. Inevitably I have to zoom in to very detailed view to "force" it to stay on the westbound route, rather than switch to the other side of the highway. FWIW, Google Maps doesn't have this problem.
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