Setting up a sales route using GPS coordinates
Greetings fellow forum members.,

I am currently working at a distributor in the Caribbean. My boss just handed me a new project which involves plotting routes for our sales reps and delivery team.

The idea is that we would be able to make a sales/delivery route based on GPS coordinates (this is crucial, as getting reliable address information on this island is almost impossible).

We already know where i.e. to which stores a sales rep will go on a specific day... the one thing we have not been able to is to optimize this route. At the moment, they basically drive across the island from one customer to the other.

As mentioned before, it is almost impossible to get a street address for any business around here, and therefore we prefer using PS coordinates as to indicate where the clients are located.

I know we can do it quite simply, by just capturing the GPS coordinates for each individual client, plot those on a map, and manually try to realize a shortest/fastest route by sales rep per day.

Unfortunately, we currently have 10 sales representatives and 5 trucks (and expanding) for about 400 clients. this means that having to do this manually would just take up to much time. Also, often clients request to get their delivery on a different date, making it even more impossible to do this by hand.

I guess my question would be if knows a solution to this problem.
Welcome to the Forum, Divico.

Puerto Rico is included in Streets and Trips so you can do route planning for your drivers who are there on that.

However, for everyone else in the islands, something else must be done. Have you looked at RouteConverter? It works on Google maps, i. e., everywhere. You could import lists of coordinates and manage the sequencing within that application. You can create multiple lists/routes. Google RouteConverter to find the download. It is freeware so there is no downside other than the expenditure of your time to try it and use it. While not as automated as Streets and Trips, it should be flexible enough for your needs.

Check it out and ask further questions here. Some Forum members are quite experienced with it. About