Stop Streets & Trips notifying you of new product versions
I am a long time Streets and Trips user and I have been recently told by a gentleman about the new version. I downloaded the new version and now I have both 2011 and 2013 versions. But my 2011 version keeps messaging me about a new version. But I already have the new version. How to stop seeing this message? I am tired of these stupid messages, please don't show them to me.

And can someone tell me when I can expect to see the full version in stores? Because my trial has already expired. 14 days is too less when it used to be 90 days earlier on.

You already have the full version if you downloaded the trial version. You just need to go to this thread:


where you'll see where to obtain the license for a discount ($29.95). Basically all you need is an activation code and you can continue to use the 2013 version you already have installed.

To get rid of the message you say your getting from S&T 2011, just uninstall 2011 from your computer. Since your buying the 2013 license you will not need the old version on your machine anyway.
Marvin Hlavac
Alternatively, if you wish to keep ST2011, to disable the pop-ups, click Tools > Options > Settings > Check for new version of application periodically
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