Unable to save a new zoom level in a previously saved map file
Marvin Hlavac
This issue was brought up by a user of Microsoft AutoRoute. I can confirm the issue is also present in Microsoft Streets & Trips. It may also be present in Microsoft MapPoint, but I haven't tested it there.

Tested versions include AR2011 and ST2013.

Under some circumstances, a previously saved file will not allow a new zoom level to be saved. For example, if a file was originally saved with some stops in the Route Planner, and the map is showing those stops, if you later open the file, move the map to show a different location, or the same location at a different zoom level, saving the file may not necessarily result in the new map position being saved.
A work-around solution:
Save your map file with a different name (File > Save As)
Are you sure that is specific to S&T/AR? I run into that issue when I am inserting photos in an email. If I realize they are wrong in some way, go to the creating program and change them, then choose save and reinsert them. the same image appears. I tried refreshing the folder but haven't researched it any further as I don't make the mistake often.

As you say using Save As.. and a different name works fine.

Marvin Hlavac
Terry, the thing is that other changes to the file do save properly (for example a new pushpin placed on the map will save), it is just the changed map position, or new zoom level, may not save.

To reproduce, follow these steps:
  1. Launch the application
  2. Plot a route from A to B
  3. Save
  4. Close the application
  5. Open the saved file
  6. Add a pushpin on the map
  7. Move the map a bit, and/or change the zoom level
  8. Save (Crtl+S)
  9. Close the application
  10. Open the saved file
The file now should contain the new pushpin, but the map position, and/or the new zoom level, has likely not been saved. You likely still see the same map as when the file was saved the first time.

This behavior doesn't seem to be consistent. Sometimes the new map position gets saved, other times it doesn't. Or I might have not experimented with it long enough to find the steps which reproduce the issue all the time, and steps which don't.

But one thing is certain. If you ever find yourself unable to save a new map position, and/or a new zoom level, in a file which was previously saved, simply save is with a different name (File | Save As).
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