GPS Tracker by FollowMeee
CoPilot Live has seemed to have removed their live tracking feature from the latest versions of CoPilot, at least on the Android and iOS versions. So, because my dad likes to see where I am and where I've been, I started searching for a replacement.

I found a free app for the ipad/iphone called "GPS Tracker" by FollowMeee. It's available for the Android, iDevices and Blackberry. What the app does is basically just send out your current location to their server ever 30 minutes (more often if you get the paid version for $3.99, at least on the iOS version). If you don't have a current internet connection, it caches the data and sends it once you reconnect.

Once the account is set up, you can easily create a web link that allows others to see your location and driving history, for up to the last 30 days. When you create the link from the app, you select the time period to allow others to view.

I just started running it last night and haven't even moved yet, but the data on the server is correct and up to date. I'll see how it does on my drive today, which will involve driving through areas with no data available. Just prior to arriving at my destination, I'll pick up data again, so it should send the cached info.

The only thing I don't like, but have never seen, would be software that would allow you to specify whether someone can see your exact location or just the closest town to you. Being a truck driver and sometimes hauling freight that you don't want people to know where you are is a huge security/safety issue. I might send them a suggestion for that (I just did that, in fact). Of course, there are people that I would allow to see my exact location, such as my wife and my dad, but for others in general, well...

If anyone wants to see the tracking page, it's:
Forgot to put a link to the software page:
Marvin Hlavac
The only thing I don't like, but have never seen, would be software that would allow you to specify whether someone can see your exact location or just the closest town to you.
Alternatively, a feature, which could also help your safety/privacy, would be to add some delay, for example a delay of a few hours, or more, so it would not show your exact location in real time.
BTW - you can disable those links at any time by going to your account on their website. They're only active as long as you want them to be.
I like that idea. When I had my dash cam taking photos with the location info embedded in the photo, I had my software delay by 24hrs before uploading them.
Suggestion sent for allowing a time delay. Thanks for the idea.
Ran the software all day during my drive. It cached the data when I had no internet and uploaded it as soon as I picked up a connection again.

Some notes:
The free version will only allow you to see the past 2hrs, compared to the paid version ($3.99), which will display up to 30 days.
I sent in 2 separate suggestions to the app developer (time delay and non-exact tracking) Thursday morning. I received an e-mail reply that they would do everything possible to include those suggestions in the next release of the app.
Marvin Hlavac
Cool, Malaki, and the 3rd suggestion should be to post their up to Windows OS. I'd like to give that app a try, too.

Let us know if/when they include your suggested features.

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