How to change the map data of MapPoint 2011 with the map data of MapPoint 2013
Do you know how to change the data map of Mappoint 2011 with the data map of Mappoint 2013. I have both programs, but I like more the interface of Mappoint 2011.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Olga, and welcome to the forum. If I recall correctly, several years ago, before the software activation was implemented, a few users had actually updated an older version of the consumer product MS Streets & Trips (subset of MS MapPoint), by moving a file (or files) from the new to the old. But from what I have heard, this was made impossible to do in later versions.
I would agree with Marvin - and such swapping of data would have never been supported by Microsoft.

However, only the button icons have changed: or am I missing something else?
I know it can be done with MS Streets and Trips by replacing the files:

* Data\USA_CD.mad
* Data\USA_HD.mad

and then the map data.

But in Mappoint, I don't know.
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