CoPilot Live Premium vs. CoPilot Live Premium HD

The point I was originally asked about, pertained this offer on ALK's webite:

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I also noticed that the iOS version (not Android) is available in a "HD" version and the description (http://www.copilotlive.com/us/personal/ipad.asp) mentions something about "beautiful high-resolution graphics" so I'm wondering whether the "HD" refers to the ultra high-res of the new iPad? And I'm wondering if the 'regular' Premium version for Android uses the full res of a 10" tablet (typically 1280x800).
...even though the $9.99 Android version does not say HD like its iOS counterpart, the $9.99 "non-HD" Android version does take advantage of the full HD resolution of a larger Android tablet, which in the case of my Thrive tablet, is about 30% higher than an iPad 2. The naming scheme alone would suggest that the $9.99 "Premium" version did not, but that is only on iOS, not Android. A CoPilot buyer only had to pay $19.99 to get high-res graphics on the iOS.
Ken in Regina

Having just paid for the HD version, after trying out the free non-HD version, I have run it on an iPhone 5s and can confirm it works. However, it runs down the battery so fast the phone gets as hot as a portable nuclear reactor. I would not advise buying the HD version unless you only use it in sub zero conditions and can connect it to power while it is running.
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