Streets & Trips 2009 may automatically route around traffic
Marvin Hlavac
It's still only October of 2007, way too early to talk about Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009, which is still a full year from being on store shelves. However, Microsoft just launched a new version of its on-line map, Live Local Search, with several interesting features. Some of the new functionality will very likely eventually trickle down even to the DVD products.

Microsoft very recently released Streets & Trips 2008. The "Connected Services" version of the product includes a new MSN Direct unit for receiving traffic flow and traffic incidents data in many cities across the USA. This data can be displayed on the Streets & Trips map, but it is up to the user to judge whether or not the traffic conditions warrant taking an alternative route. The just released new version of Live Search Maps promises to do this automatically. It will, based on the available traffic data, decide which route is the quickest for drivers to take.

The first image above shows a route calculated without traffic data used, and with traffic flow and incidents turned off. The second screenshot illustrates the quickest route calculated based on the available traffic data.

Read more info about the new features included in the new version of Live Search Maps at Virtual Earth / Live Maps blog.
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