Thank you, Microsoft, for keeping your promise.
In late 2012, I had a problem on my laptop which required a complete format of my hard drive, and reinstallation of Windows 7 SP 1 and all programs. When I attempted to reinstall Streets and Trips 2011, I found I could not complete the installation. I contacted Microsoft Support and for over a two week period, they spent several hours a day connected to my computer remotely attempting to find the problem with installation and correct it. They could not! Finally, they gave up, promising me that when a new version of MS Streets and Trips was available, they would send me a copy free.

I, myself, continued to find a way to install the 2011 version and realizing that it had been originally installed successfully on the machine when it had Windows 7 without the Service Pack 1, attempted to uninstall SP 1. That turned out to not be possible, so I again reformatted the hard drive, installed Windows 7, and then installed S & T 2011. That went well. I then reinstalled SP 1 and S & T 2011 continued working. Of course, that was a pretty drastic way to get it reinstalled, but it did work.

In early July, I heard that the 2013 version was available, so about mid month, I contacted Microsoft to see if they were going to send me the new version. Microsoft seemed to not know of their promise, but I continued to push for the new version. For three weeks, a series of emails flew back and forth between Microsoft and my home. Finally, today, they sent me an email with the product key.

I now have the 2013 version installed and am very, very happy. Thank you, Microsoft, for keeping your promise.
Marvin Hlavac
Coover, it's good to hear you haven't experienced the same issue with the new 2013 version as you did with ST2011. There was a hotfix released for the issue in January, but by then you had already figured out it had been related to SP1. :-)
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