Streets & Trips 2013 stops working
Today was the second time that Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 stopped working when pulling into a Reststop. Once at ext 158 on Interstate 80 in Nevada. Then at the Waltman Rest Area on Highway 20 in Wyoming.

I'm getting the white box stating "Microsoft has stopped working, we'll let you know when a solution has been found". (haha)

Is it worth reporting this type of error? Do they really check it out and fix it for the next version? Or will I be wasting my time?

I've also been told: Ramp Left at certain exits when it should definitely be: Ramp right. I'm going back to my 2011 version if I get too many more errors.
Marvin Hlavac
Margaret, which GPS receiver do you use? Do you have another one you could try for a few days, in case the software crashes are caused by a faulty GPS unit?
Oops, no my Pharos 500 is the only one I have. I bought the 2013 S & T online thinking the GPS unit was still good.
My next stop will be a bigger city, maybe I should buy one to have in reserve.
Any suggestions on which kind to buy?

Marvin Hlavac
I'd buy a BU-353, the new version with the SiRFstar IV chip (review: old version, and new version).

But the S&T crashes you experience may not necessarily be caused by your existing GPS unit.
I am not sure the BU353 S4 immunizes one from sudden seizures. I had a freeze-up yesterday whilst using mine. I did not have a chance to diagnose the problem but whatever it was, it cleared up a half-an-hour later.
I found an error report regarding my 'Microsoft stopped working' problem. I'm just not smart enough to figure it out..yet.
It has not happened again. But I'll be on the road again Monday. We'll see.
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