CoPilot "My Places"
Has anyone used CoPilot "My Places" ?

When I click on my newly installed CoPilot Live v9, I get this message:
"This is a FREE bonus feature - would you like to activate it now?"

When I search ALK's website here:
using the term: "My Places"
all I get is a bunch of gibberish at this url:

Update: Looks like the search function actually works here:
I use "My Places" all the time. When I arrive at a new customer, I add the location with the customers name. Then, when I need to go back there, it'll route me to the exact same location (I use the "Current Location" option when I create it).
Ken in Regina
It's just another name for waypoints, or 'Favorites' or 'My Locations'. Another one of those marketing deals where they refuse to call it something that it's already being called by someone else. The marketing folks think it will distinguish their product. But it just confuses people.

I was quite astonished to discover that it was an add-on, not an integral feature like it is in Garmin, TomTom, iGuidance, Streets & Trips, Street Atlas and every other product I've seen.

I was more astonished at the idea they would actually charge money to get it in some of their products.

Yeah, after I read through this: http://apphelp.copilotlive.com/?page_id=275 it looks like it's just a way of categorizing saved locations. I'm not sure where that info is saved though (hopefully locally). I sure seems like quite a few things in CoPilot seem to want to connect to the internet (based on getting a spinning circle or whatever) when an initernet connection is not available. Seems like maybe it's calling home a lot or something, so I wonder how much stuff is stored with "the CoPilot Live ID" and how much is stored locally. I like the way S&T functions better (all data and info is saved on the computer running S&T).
It's stored on the device locally. The only thing CoPilot uses the internet for is the Live features, such as traffic, weather, bing/wikipedia search, facebook checkins, etc.
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