Anyone ever try "ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation" ?
I tried the trial Android version, and wrote this (below) on another website a while ago.

Thought I'd give the Trial Route66 Maps and Navigation app for Android a test run. This is a summary of said app. on my Android phone. I had access to LAN Wifi Internet, but not mobile Internet.

Overall it looks pretty impressive as a in-car navigator. No problem at all downloading to Android phone from the Market and if you like the trial version and want to purchase a full "lifetime Worldwide Navigation licence", you can do so via the app for $65 USD or thereabouts but I'm not sure if that includes the Traffic updates.

Street map detail seems mostly up to date in my area. New housing estates NW of Brisbane are included on the maps along with some streets that haven't even been paved yet, but doesn't include a fairly major newly constructed road elsewhere. It seems that my chosen (Australia) map download is the basemap only and street level maps need a network connection to load in as-you-go, but once cached in the phone the street map tiles and POIs are accessible offline.

"Follow Me" Augmented Reality Navigation is a neat feature using the inbuilt phone camera. When I fired up this function, the map graphics changed 90 degrees to the phone's horizontal, no matter the rotation of the phone! When panning the street map, North seemed to display randomly, which was a bit offputting and I couldn't find a setting to change it. Using the full features of the app. drained my phone battery faster than I would have liked.

Manual map rotation and 2D/3D view can be controlled by 'dragging' the screen, a double-tap zoomed in, and double-tap with two fingers zoomed out. Searchable History, Address (via network connection), POIs, Contacts, Favourites with text input, and tap-and-hold points on the map for navigation options worked well. Autorouting and route description/directions were clear and easy to understand, with a quite bearable English female voice by default, or downloadable others including "Australian". Usual route navigation options for fastest, shortest, walking, driving, avoid motorways, toll roads, ferries, etc. are easy enough to find and set to your preference, and nice features like speed cameras, traffic info, Wikipedia pages, 3d buildings, and weather.

I would consider purchasing a navigation licence for this app. for it's convenience, however the main reason I wouldn't buy is the equal inconvenience of major functions, like detailed maps and address search, not working without an Internet connection. The weakest link in the 'chain' was the GPS signal of my phone, so hopefully I'll be able to try a better quality GPS signal via Bluetooth, with my phone and Route66 for Android, before the app trial period finishes.

Ease of use.
Fast and clear directions and graphics.
Price (not including phone and Internet).
Street level Maps.

Major functions (Address Search and street-level mapping) don't work without internet access.
The Follow Me feature didn't work properly on my phone.
Originally Posted by mihermano
I tried the trial Android version, and wrote this (below) on another website a while ago.
Thanks for posting your experiences.

Looks like it's supposedly a free app now?
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Updated: November 23, 2011
Price: Free
Looks like they have a free and a premium version now available.

Everything is free, until you have to pay.
Update: I have now test driven "Sygic: GPS Navigation" and since I don't to go into much detail about it, I will say, don't waste your time with the free trial, much less even consider paying what they want for the full version.

For starters, the interface to setup a route or look for POIs is pretty horrible. It also does not announce street names. It takles too long to update the route after you go off its pre-planned route, and it never tells you when it has stopped trying to take you back to the pre-planned route and has updated the routing.

When in the Nav screen, the arrangement of the displayed information is not too bad.

One plus I will give it is that it seems to dynamically adjust the distances at which it announces upcoming turns, so that it will always tell you ahead of time that there's a turn coming soon. This is something CoPilot will NOT do if the next turn is within its minimum distance of 0.3 miles - in that case, CoPilot will not give ANY upcoming turn announcement at all, and this can be a serious drawback in cases where the turns are close together. (CoPilot does have a minimum 50 yard setting for its "Turn Now" announcement, but that's not what I'm referring to here)
Originally Posted by mihermano
Looks like they have a free and a premium version now available.

Everything is free, until you have to pay.
Yeah, the "Premium" version of Route 66 provides continued use of the "Premium Navigation" functions, which are included free for the first 30 days after installation of ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation.

There's lots of info about the "Premium Navigation" here:
...except there's nothing I can find about the price. Even looks like the process of buying it after the first 30 days is done from within the ROUTE 66 app itself, and it doesn't say anything about the price either.

And it looks like the only way to buy a license for "Premium Navigation" after the 3-day trial is from within the app itself (it's on the toolbar at the bottom), clicking through a few steps leads to two options for "Navigation Worldwide": "30 days (subscription) 9.99 USD" or "Perpetual 64.99 USD"


FWIW, although this program can use online or off-line (local) maps, it does specifically have a way to (supposedly) download maps for the entire USA, which is split up into five regions:

I tried downloading them though, yet even with over 4GB free, it says there's not enough space to download any one of the five US segments, and it provides no option to chose where to put the maps either. It did download maps for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, though, and these maps are only 15.4MB & 2.6MB respectively.

says: What are the system requirements of ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation?
• Available disk space: at least 50 MB

...but that may not be including the map files.

I tried to enter a departure point, and it can't seem, to find St. Louis, MO no matter how I spell the first word. It does find the tiny nearby suburb of Lake St Louis, though...

It can't seem to find anything based on a ZIP code either (though it doesn't actually have a field for ZIP code, either...)
Thankfully there's only ONE address entry screen instead of the three screens typical in most other apps like this:

But it also has a list of choices, which you can see once the on-screen keyboard is out of the way:

The list is in alphabetical order, except it has several in the beginning out of order (shown above), and the list is very short too, ending with Abell, Maryland shown on the screen shown below (same list even with a GPS fix), so I don't see how this list is helpful unless you're in one of these places.

A POI search in the 'Food and Dining' category returns a short list too, limited either by a distance of 2 miles or the number on the list (I don't know which). Also, you can't filter a POI search with a keyword, and you can't see these on a map without choosing one of them first (and going through 2 screens to get to the map, after which it does show the POI on the map... unfortunately zoomed in so far you can't see much of anything else, and as soon as you try to zoom out by any means, the POI flag disappears, so you can no longer tell where it is):

Also notice the all-too-typical flaw of not having very many items in a list, while wasting half the available space by only having one column.

But it was possible to use a keyword search in the set departure address field, which put some really comically useless entries first:

Anyway, it's pretty slow (much slower than CoPilot) switching between each screen involving a search for something, even a POI category. And apparently this is the reason (I intentionally turned off the W-Fi router before this test):

At first I thought Route 66 is dependent on an internet connection to find anything without entering an address... But after I finally got a couple maps downloaded (Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) Route 66 was able to find POIs and other locations while the WiFi data connection was turned off.

Last but not least, although it shows a route between two places, even with both strong Wi-Fi signal and GPS position, every time I hit the "GO" button to navigate to the destination, Route 66 consistently crashes on my Toshiba Thrive (Android 4.0.4) tablet. It has also locked up a couple other times.

OK, time to uninstall another piece of half-baked software.
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Problem with "Follow Me" : Android GPS Navigation ROUTE 66.

I am using Huawei Y300-0100, Android version 4.1.1 ( Jelly Bean).
I would like to know if someone get on the screen picture when requested option "Follow Me" like me. Only black screen and virtual line path and virtual car !?

Does anyone know why option "Follow Me" does not work properly on my phone.

I tried two versions and both are the same :
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