Does CoPilot 8 laptop version show the searched location on a map?
Does CoPilot v8 laptop have the same ability as the newer Android version that when you search for a category of POI, or a specific company name, it can show you the locations on a map, not just in a scrolling list?
Yes. Limited to the closest 10.
Thanks! Too bad they only show 10 at a time out of a list of 50. It's bad enough to limit the results to 50, but it's ridiculous to only show 10 at a time on 5 different pages.

Now I have another question about CoPilot v8 laptop, and since ALK has no demo version, I have to ask if it works like the newer Android v9... http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/4915-can-copilot-v8-laptop-alter-routes-picking-spot-waypoint
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