Windows 7 Hotfix KB2643882 needed for Windows Vista Streets & Trips installation?
Trying to install the retail boxed version of Streets & Trips 2013 on a Windows Vista PC (Dell XPS M1530 laptop). After DVD insertion, a dialogue box comes up:

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 Setup

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 requires the installation of the hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB2643882). To install the component now, check OK. If you want to stop the installation and exit setup, click cancel.
The KB2643882 is a hotfix for Windows 7. Will installing this hotfix mess up (technical term!) my Windows Vista machine? How do I get past this dialogue box without installing the hotfix?

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Joe, and welcome to the forum.

Based on the discussion, Fixed: Streets & Trips stops responding at the startup screen in Windows 7, the hotfix relates to Windows 7. However, it seems you don't have much choice, other than to accept the hotfix, if you wish to proceed with S&T installation even on your Windows Vista machine.

I personally would not hesitate much and simply go ahead with the installation.

Thanks for your reply. I have read quite a number of your posts and appreciate your being the relevant expert for the rest of us!

I was just worried about the Windows 7 Hotfix changing something about Windows Vista and putting my PC out of order.

I will continue with the installation.


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