Grouping POIs into categories in Streets & Trips
In S&T, using POIs from the Megafile, is it possible to group POIs into categories or sub-categories? For example, if I wanted to take several different fast-food chains, and put them together in a category "Favorite Fast Food Restaurants" is that possible?

Pardon me if this has already been asked and answered elsewhere.
Nothing stop you to create a new pushpin data set called favorite and move some pushpins from other category into this new dataset. If you want to do this for few pushpins, it can be easily done in S&T itself using the legend pane to create a new dataset, and by editing properties of a selected pushpin to assign it to your new favorite dataset. I suggest to backup the POI Megafile before doing this in case you want to revert to original one.
I figured it was possible. Thanks for confirming it!
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