Can CoPilot v8 laptop alter routes by picking a spot and a waypoint?
I understand that CoPilot v8 laptop cannot drag a route, like the newer Android/iOS versions ("Drag Route" button at upper right of image below).

The newer versions also allow you to point to a spot on a map and route through that spot ("Route Through Here" button on the image above), which also inserts a waypoint. Surely the v8 laptop version does have that capability too, right?
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On version 8, if you tap or click a spot on the main "naviagtion" map it will make that your ONLY destination and replace the current trip.

It best to use the "Plan or Edit Trip" screen when planning or manipulating a current route that is going to use waypoints or multi-stops.

Here's a vid link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJqbcS6T2p0

If you want to add one as a waypoint style by clicking or tapping the map, then you have to go Menu / Plan or Edit Trip - and then you can add u[p to 50 stops (waypoints) by tapping the map, entering and address, entering a POI search, etc.
Yes, that's the same section you have to be in on the Android version. That Youtube video is helpful. Looks like the laptop version, though it's a little different, still has two flaws: the interface is so simplified (like a standalone GPS vs. S&T) that it makes you go through a lot of different pages/screens to make changes. And it also doesn't maintain a zoom setting. Notice how in the Youtube video, the guy kept having to keep zooming back in over and over again every time he came back to the map.
It is me clicking. I recorded and uploaded it real quick to answer your question.

Yes - the interface of all ALK laptop versions is "menu-driven" much like a Windows" Start Menu." So sometimes you need to go several clicks deep. Once you get used to it, you can zap around it very quickly though. I can do any planning or editing function in a matter of seconds. For instance. In that video I planned a trip, then added a waypoint, in 1:25. And I was going slow.

It maintains the zoom setting until you recalculate the trip after you have made a change by design. After I added a waypoint and recalculated it the zoom level goes back to show you the entire trip.

Believe me, I know where all of the bodies are buried in every version of CoPilot Laptop and those aren't the bug ones. lol.
Originally Posted by DieselBoss
It is me clicking. I recorded and uploaded it real quick to answer your question
WOW! Double THANKYOU for taking the time and effort to do that!

Originally Posted by DieselBoss
Yes - the interface of all ALK laptop versions is "menu-driven" much like a Windows Start Menu. So sometimes you need to go several clicks deep.
But that I disagree with. Within S&T, you can access more functions without paging through many different screens. This is a left-over of CoPilot's roots as a smartphone app, because they do not have enough display space/resolution to display as much information (such as menu choices or buttons) as a normal desktop/laptop computer.

Case in point: in your video starting at around 0:17, you have a screen to enter the City or Zip Code, which leads to another screen to Enter Street Name, and I presume after that there would have been yet another screen to enter the street number, right? WHEW! Just like my old 4.3" Magellan 1412. This approach may be needed on a small screen (like a "smartphone" or standalone GOS unit) but this is an extremely inefficient way to do it on a normal computer, and is not how it is done in any normal Windows program. But though ALK charges a big premium for their windows version of CoPilot compared to the iOS or Android versions, they appear to have pretty much kept the same user interface, which is designed to allow a smartphone work like a standalone GPS unit.

So CoPilot for Windows forces the user to page through gobs of mode screens. It's not bad when in the Nav mode (especially if using in a vehicle) but it's far from optimal for trip planning, which might typically be done on a screen with res. like I'm using now: 1920x1200 pixels, or at least 1920x1080 pixels.

IMO, CoPilot is much more modal than the Windows Start menu, especially the "classic" (Win2000) style menu architecture. Since then Microsoft made Windows "easier to use" for novices with new "improvements" to the interface. The old "classic" interface (which I think is faster for people who are familiar with Windows) was still optional on Windows XP. In Windows 7, you have to use the 3rd party "Classic Shell" to get it to work similar to the old Win2000/XP "Classic" interface.
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