Going back to the laptop CoPilot after trying the iPad CoPilot
Well, I bought the iPad a few months ago and have been running CoPilot on it. While it works "pretty good", it's far from what I actually need.

Running the laptop (with the 7" touchscreen) allows me to run other software to "help out". For example, my Drivers Daily Log. Another thing I had the ability to do was to add my current location to a simple csv file. That file was then available for pretty much everything GPS related I needed. I would use the same files in both CoPilot & Streets so that they always matched up.

The one thing I probably will change, though, is that once I sell the iPad this weekend will be to upgrade my touchscreen from a 7" to a 10". That large iPad screen is da bomb, especially with my eyesight.
So you were running the iOS (version 9) of CoPilot Truck on the iPad?

And for the laptop you would be running Version 8 laptop truck right?
Originally Posted by malaki86
Well, I bought the iPad a few months ago and have been running CoPilot on it. While it works "pretty good", it's far from what I actually need...
Yep. I'm sorry I couldn't persuade you in the "I'm going to buy an iPad" thread. I would have to think there would be some things much easier if you use CoPilot on the same computer as S&T, for instance copying & pasting addresses or other data between the two programs should be a snap (unless ALK has made the laptop version even more non-Windows-standard than I think it is).

Don't feel bad though. I have a Thrive tablet that I'm starting to feel the same way about it, since what Steve Jobs' would call "insanely great" (if on his OS) apps are in many ways more like "half-baked." But at least my investment including CoPilot is only $206. Even at that price point I am questioning its usefulness, especially if CoPliot ever misguides me into heading toward an embankment like this:

IMO, the touchscreen interface in CoPilot and some other apps also have some drawbacks, for example getting it to scroll rather than select being so dependent on split-second touch timing differences. Bouncing around in a vehicle, often getting the one you didn't want gets real old, real fast. This is compounded by ALK's stupid decision to split lists (and map displays of those lists) into SO MANY multiple screens, when on a 10"+ tablet or laptop, they could all be on one screen.

I'm sure you'll like the bigger 10" screen much better. After I've gotten used to a 26" 1920x1200 monitor, even a 15.6" 1366x768 laptop screen or the 10.1" 1280x800 Thrive screen seem cramped. That's why I'm switching to a 22" 1920x1080 display in my vehicle. Since I don't need a touchscreen, there are lots of inexpensive displays available that run on DC power.
I'm not sure what you were "persuading" me too. Was there a question there? Sorry if there was and I didn't get it.

But anyway - no ALK has no plans that I am aware of to make their software play nicely with S&T or anyone else.

Yes, you can click on map to "force" route changes rather than "dragging like you can in the Android versions. But like you say, there are several menus to navigate to do this (like it the video I posted.)
Your post appeared after I started writing mine (our posts are at exactly the same time). I was referring to Malaki. Sorry if I caused confusion by not quoting. I fixed that now.
My first day back with CoPilot v8, and wow, I forgot how much different the iOS/Android version is compared to the laptop. I know ALK is supposed to be releasing the updated laptop versions this month or next and am sort of hoping that it's the same as the smartphone style. I came to enjoy that interface, plus the Facebook addition is pretty cool on it.
LOL - I could see me mounting a 22" screen somewhere on the dash of my truck!!! Everyone that sees my iPad mounted in here is like "WTF is that???"
Actually I have it mounted so that the width of the monitor is more-or-less longitudinal (front to back) in the vehicle, although it can pivot over so that it is more-or-less in front of the passenger seat (there's no glove box there). In other words it's turned almost 90 from what might be considered 'mounted on the dash.' I look over to the right to see it. One advantage to this is it is farther away than a typical "center-stack" display, which makes it easier for my aging (presbyopic) eyes to focus on.

I'm sure the people who think your iPad is a "WTF" would be even more astonished by what I did, but it works for me.
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