DieselBoss, Thank You!
I have been trying to install an updated version of version 8. NIGHTMARE!!! Could not do an uninstall of the old version or install the new version. Now I have been using CoPilot over ten years so I am not new to this. Anyway, I contacted DieselBoss.com and spoke with the younger boss. The boss connected to my laptop and had me up and running in less then 30 minutes.

I am not sure if this is allowed but I must say that if you are going to buy Copilot, buy it from DieselBoss. HIS support is NUMBER ONE. If I had to have ALK help me it would have taken weeks if not months for their support.

THANK YOU DIESELBOSS!! Not only did the Boss get me up and going he took the time to show me all of the new stuff with this new version.

My hat is off to DieselBoss.com
Yes, DieselBoss is a very helpful fellow. I thank him as well, for taking the time to answer my questions! ...and an even bigger thank you for giving the correct answers!

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