Newest CoPilot v8 Truck Laptop issue
I'm having a problem with the latest version of CoPilot Truck. The map displays the roads HORRIBLY. In WV, the roads are anything but straight, but that's how it draws them.

In the photo I'm attaching, the green route is the actual driving route, which is US-219, which I'm on. The map, however, shows that US-219 is off to the side of me and dead-straight.

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I just checked it on mine. They are not rendering that road correctly when zoomed out. When I click in a little it renders is like the green line on your pic. But then when I go out past a certain zoom level it goes back to showing it straight again.
Same on mine - when I was within a few miles of the destination, the background map matched up - just not when zoomed out.

The original version of CoPilot 8 didn't do that.
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