How to enable Full Screen in Streets & Trips 2013 with GPS
Tony D
I am trying to get full screen in Streets & Trips 2013 w/GPS. So, how exactly can you get the full screen?

Would turning off the toolbars do it? View - Toobars and turn off all of them.
Isn't there a full-screen view button in 2013, that only works when GPS is enabled (which requires a connected GPS receiver)?

The full-screen map view button is there in older versions, even S&T 2007:

And in S&T 2011 it's called the "Full screen navigation view" button:
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Although I do not have 2013, from the graphic screenshots that have been posted it appears to still be a feature of the tool bar in the same position as above and as it was previously. It is now a capital "A" in the lower left corner with an arrow pointing to the upper right corner.
Marvin Hlavac
Welcome to the forum, Tony. Just note that S&T doesn't have a capability to allow Full Screen without first enabling navigation. A route has to be plotted, and navigation has to be enabled, before S&T allows you to switch from windowed mode to full screen mode.

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