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Repositionable (draggable) nav mode buttons
Repositionable toolbar buttons for easier use in Nav mode:

The S&T 2011 arrangement is like this:
(S&T 2013 has about the same arrangement, with black & white buttons)

But even with "Large buttons" selected, the buttons are crammed too close together for ease of use in Nav mode, while on the road, or using a touchscreen. About half the width is unused on a typical laptop screen.

There needs to be a way to re-position (drag) the buttons to where you want them:
(I used Ctrl-Click just as an example. On a touchscreen it could be press and hold for several seconds. Most people will not need to move the buttons frequently)

And then a road warrior S&T user might set it up like this:

...with the less commonly used functions moved over to the right side, with the more commonly used Nav functions spaced apart to make them easier to press.

An easier alternative might be to have a setting to space a toolbar's buttons apart so as to use all available width.
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