Maritime Mapping?
Is there a thread on this already?

I know they are called "Streets and Trips" and "AutoRoute" but we've used them on US and world trips, including cruises and driving through US and Europe. Next stage in life will be partial maritime retirement. Are there any maps or add-ins to enable S&T to provide real maritime navigation. That is, depths, channels, etc.?
Not that I know of. The map is built into S&T, and the only way to even update the road map is to buy a newer version of the program itself.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi ThinkAndDoWell, and welcome to the forum. I'm afraid GoneNomad may be correct, and S&T may not be suitable for the purpose.

I just did a quick search of the forum, and the following are the first three results I got. See if any of those discussions point you in the right direction.

- Marine navigation on laptop?

- Is there laptop PC GPS navigation software for nautical use?

- GPS software designed for use on the high seas?

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