Basecamp supports live tracking with BaseStation
But there's a catch. You need to connect A Rino, Alpha or Astro device to enable this feature. If they would only allow you to connect other USB devices, this would be the answer to what a lot of people have been looking for...

See: http://garmin.blogs.com/softwareupdates/2012/08/garmin-basestation.html

Garmin Basestation

The latest version of Garmin BaseCamp introduces a handy new feature for your tracking handhelds: Basestation. With Basestation, every update received from other devices by your tracking handheld is sent to BaseCamp, allowing you to track yourself, your dogs, and your contacts on your computer. This can free your hands and allow you to see more of the map on a bigger screen. You might find Basestation ideal for a variety of situations, including tracking dogs at hunting competitions or coordinating search and rescue or fire fighting operations.

Supported Handhelds

Astro 320
Alpha 100
Rino 600 series

To ensure Basestation compatibility on these devices, make sure you have the latest software from WebUpdater. BaseCamp must be at version 4.0 or later.
Ken in Regina
It will be interesting to test it to see if it will work with any standard NMEA or Garmin proprietary data stream.

Marvin Hlavac
...and if not, perhaps the cure-all GpsGate can help.
It doesn't look like it wants GPS data in any format. Rather some form of information the 3 listed devices can supply based on what they receive from other devices.

Yes, I think you are right. It probably uses some proprietary format embedded in the firmware of the compatible devices. But surely it wouldn't be hard for Garmin to add that same kind of support to other devices. Or maybe a third party application could spoof it?

It doesn't look like it's intended for navigation though, just for tracking. But still could be used as a moving map, and Basecamp allows you to use not only traditional garmin maps but raster imagery (Birdseye, .kmz custom maps) and view them in 3d from any angle.
Ken in Regina
No need to change any of the devices. Simply make BaseStation accept normal NMEA or the Garmin version of it.

Whether Basecamp/BaseStation would be good enough for a visual moving map rather than a basic tracking display would depend upon the screen update/refresh frequency.

I also suspect that the map display wouldn't scroll automatically to keep your position visible on the screen.
Tried it with Rino 655t, it doesn't scroll
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