6 year old house address not found in Streets & Trips
What is up with a software made in 2011 that cannot pull up an address in southern California... Especially when that address has a house on it built in 2006!!! Is there an update or a fix as I have had this POS for less than 1 month. Thank you any and everyone!!!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Lancer, and welcome to the forum. If you don't mind giving us a sample address missing in your 2011 version, we'd gladly see if we can locate it in the current Streets & Trips 2013.
Many times, since the 2010 version I think, this is how you are searching for an address that could make the difference between finding it or not in S&T.

For example, S&T is very sensitive to avenue, street, with the street and avenue name. This is specially true in Canada. So just writing the search in a different way can make you get a result or not. For example, Ii cannot find my house if I only write the street name alone, but can find it with a street keyword added...
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