Is anyone running Streets & Trips 2013 on a tablet?
Are there any users running Streets & Trips on a tablet? If so can you tell me what you are using and what operating system. I would like to replace my aging Dell with a tablet for traveling. If a tablet will not then I will get a notebook.

I would think that since S&T is a Windows program, any tablet would need to be running the Windows OS to have any chance of working. Maybe the new Windows Surface tablet will be able to handle it. Although the Surface RT will probably not run S&T, the Surface Pro, which should be available a few months after the RT, is reported to run most x86 based Windows programs.

There are lots of navigation programs for the Android tablets. I use, or have used, Google Navigation, GPS CoPilot, and Sygic on my Toshiba Thrive.
As t923347 says it must be a slate running a full Windows operating system. I have it on a Fujitsu q550 (Win 7 32) and also tried S&T 2011 on an Asus EP121 (Win 7 32). Both worked perfectly but these devices are not in the same price range as Android tablets if that is what you are considering. I suspect the least expensive 10"+ slate running Win 7 would be the Acer W500 (not A500!!) if they are still available. It should run S&T 2013 just fine.

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