Fixed Size Open & Save on S&T2013?
Are the Open & Save windows on S&T2013 still a fixed (small) size?

I've installed the S&T2013 demo on a WinXP system.
Although almost every other program (including programs that came with XP) has expandable Open & Save windows as shown below:

S&T2013 does not.

Is that an XP-related issue, or is S&T2013 that way on Win7 as well?
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It's the same with 2013 and Windows 7. You can only scroll the Open or Save file list up,down, right and left, and can not expand the window.
Thanks. I figured it wasn't an XP-related issue; now I know for sure.

It's another small but glaring omission in S&T compared to the other Windows programs Microsoft has created for the last decade.

The absence of this feature is particularly annoying for those of use who need the "Detail" view for file folders & open/save.
I use the detail view as my default view and until you asked the question I never realized that I couldn't expand the save or open window. It works fine for me as I've adjusted the window to show only the file name, which I insure is very long and detailed, and the Date Modified. Personally that's all I need to see in those windows.
In WinXP at least, S&T doesn't observe or retain the folder options settings, so I end up having to reset it every time.
Win7 may be better in this respect.
Windows 7 is better in all respects.
I found some utilities and patches that can alter the size of the "Open" and "Save" dialogs, but unfortunately most of them do not work for S&T.

This patch does work with S&T: "FileOpenPatcher"
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