S&T won't scroll slowly
After installing S&T 2011 and 2013, which don't require switching tools to zoom or pan/scroll (unlike 2007 which I had used before) and I just noticed that when zoomed into the max zoom ("1 mi") or next-to-max ("2 mi")zoom levels, if I left-click (turns pointer to a "hand" to drag with) the newer versions will not scroll (vertically) slowly. In order to move the map vertically, I have to move the "hand" faster and/or in larger increments. I also can't scroll the map slightly in the vertical direction. It's as if it takes a faster or larger move to "unstick" the map in the vertical direction. It doesn't do this when panning sideways; I can pan sideways as slowly as I want to.

Has anyone else noticed this? if not, can you check to see if S&T 2011/2013 work this way on your system.

FWIW, I do not observe any difference related to the direction of panning in S&T 2010.
Thanks, I'll check my Win7 system to see if S&T doesn't have this problem on that OS.

I will assume that by "panning" you are also referring to moving the map in the vertical direction (which I referred to as scrolling in the OP).
... you are also referring to moving the map in the vertical direction ...
Yes, I just was sticking to the S&T terminology as in its Help.
OK, I've now checked for this problem on my Win7 laptop, and I see the same problem on both S&T2007 and S&T2011 under Win7. It is most pronounced when zoomed in to max zoom (1 mi), or next to max (2 mi), significantly less pronounced at the 3rd zoom level (5 mi), and not really detectable at the 4th zoom level (14 mi).

To see what I'm talking about, you have to move the mouse (or your finger on the trackpad) really slowly, as if you were just trying to move the map a little bit. If I move it at (roughly) 1 inch per second, the map never moves; I can move the little hand pointer all the way in either vertical direction (from bottom to top, or top to bottom) without ever moving the map.

The speed required to get the map to move vertically is much, much greater than how it works horizontally, which doesn't seem to have this problem at all.
Ken in Regina
Could this be a side-effect of the mouse setting? There is an "inertial" setting where the cursor movement is sensitive to how quickly you move the mouse (or touchpad or touch screen). I can't recall if this is the default or not.

I thought about that too. But I wouldn't think it would work differently vertical vs. horizontally. I also tried two completely different computers.

The WinXP desktop has mouse settings controlled by Mouseware* but on the laptop there is no third-party software controlling the mouse tracking speed, and the trackpad (which I rarely use) is set to whatever the default was. All pointing devices worked the same in S&T on both systems. I even tried changing the scroll wheel setting (which was at 3 lines) and of course that made no difference in the "dragging" speed which doesn't involve the scroll wheel.

Were you able to duplicate the problem I described on your PC?

Even if I do move it fast enough so that the map moves vertically, if I slow down too much, it stops moving. The only workaround I've found is to move the map horizontally and vertically in an "S" pattern, almost like a series of switchbacks roads going up a mountain. I know this sounds crazy, but it's either that or move it much faster in a herky-jerky back-and-forth fashion to get the map to move slightly in the vertical direction.

* Mouseware* does't work under Win7; you have to use Setpoint if the Logitech Mouse supports it, and older Logitech mice do not, unlike Mouseware that works with any older Logitech mouse and also offers more configuration options for any Logitech mouse than Setpoint. Even the name "Setpoint" seems a step backwards, but I guess they had to change it since the new software works with other pointing devices and keyboards too.

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