Copy AutoRoute trails to Streets & Trips
Just returned from 30 day trip to UK. I got the 60 day trial of Autoroute. I use a BU 353 GPS with Toshiba 17in. screen, a bit heavy to lug around but worked flawlessly.

I have 1500 miles of tracks and would like to keep these for reference. I have them as GPX files and tried overlay in GE, but found it unsatisfactory, tried "wheres the path", but the files were too big.

Is there anyway to import the files into something like S&T before the Autoroute runs out. 20 days remaining. I'm a bit long in the tooth(74), not too computer literate, had an eTrex for about 10 years piddled around excel, and S&T 2007.

Any reply will be greatly appreciated.
If you have already converted the trails to GPX files, you probably have done all you can in terms of saving the data. Now the question seems to be how to display the data.

One thing you could do that won't be very satisfactory would be to import the GPX files into Streets and Trips. It won't be satisfactory because S&T has, of course, very little UK detail. So, the trails will appear to be going over mostly-blank terrain.

You might take a look at the free downloadable program called RouteConverter. Google it, download it, and try it.
At first look it seemed a little quirky so I passed on it.

My 2010 Autoroute 60 day trial period ended yesterday.I have happened to get a freebie 2007 so I have had to free hand the trails in, not the best but adequate (different files types 2007 and 2010).

I've had a second look at RouteConverter today and it may turn out ok for the moment. Only time will tell.

Thanks all the same
After mucho use of RouteConverter now it turned out great.
There doesn't seem to be much info out there but still useful.

I'm going to repeat the trip this year for 18 days. I hope Autoroute 2007 works as good as the trial 2010 did.
I had AR 2007 before 2010 but I cannot remember the version enhancements but I am sure there were some; more than 2013 over 2010. But why not go crazy and buy 2010 for a mere ten bucks? See http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=autoroute%202010.
I just found that link today, $9.99. Yesterday, I tried to download the 60 day trial version again! It downloaded OK, but on installing said my trial had expired. During the instal they asked if they could delete another Autoroute (I assumed it would be the 2007 version so I said NO). I'm still out thinking if deleting that may have allowed the trial to load. I tend to be a last minute person and don't want delete 2007 and then find the trial won't load again then have to install 2007 again. That's if I can find it!!!
If you had used the 2010 trial version before on the same computer, you can not use it again. That has nothing to do with your installed 2007 version.

Thanks for that!
So MS are not as st00p1d as some people think.
Originally Posted by colthepol
Thanks for that!
So MS are not as st00p1d as some people think.
I have just had a 5 year hiatus from MS S&T and AUTOROUTE.
I found Route converter great and used it often.
I use Firefox browser and it seems they have stopped supporting Java.
I have just been having a read on Route converter Forum and it seems Boogle have joined the gravy train(ie.API?)
I have all my GPX Notebook files.
Would there be any similar App to Route converter for note book files?
Sorry, I don't know anything about the old software you're using. And I have no idea what the "Boogle Gravy Train" is.

Anyway, there's a little program called ITN Converter that supports a bunch of different route formats. Have you tried it? http://www.benichou-software.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4:itn-conver...ion&Itemid=2&lang=en
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