Excel import to Streets & Trips with color push pins
I have Streets & Trips. I am trying to figure out if I can add color push pins when importing. For example, I am importing a list of clients and I want each employee to "own" an account. I want to see if I can set up something in Excel so when I import each person will have their own color. Right now it seems I have to manually change all 450 pins.
When importing from Excel, you are only importing location and name data. Extraneous data such as pushpin cosmetics is not. The look of pushpins is controlled by graphic design applications such as PhotoShop or MS Paint. In S&T, you can marry-up pushpin graphics with data but the characteristics are coming from two different, un-mergeable, sources.

But having said that, there are ways to achieve your objectives. If your data (from Excel) is grouped by employee on dedicated worksheet for each employee, then each worksheet import becomes a separate pushpin set representing the respective employees. You can then assign pushpin icons that are unique for each set by replacing the default red pushpin with differing-colored pushpins. That is done by going to the pushpin set and changing the pushpin icon to a new icon of your selection. In this way, S&T will display a map with variously-colored pushpin reflecting the respective pushpin sets.
Great thank you that worked. I wish Streets and Trips 2013 had some actual help notes in the software it would make life so much easier.
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