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When I try to create a route from Jacksonville, Fl to St. Petersburg, Fl it takes me one way on the drive down and a different way on the drive back. I have played with the options under Route Options > Segments > Preferred roads. I have set it mostly to interstate, however one takes I-95 to I-4 and on the way back I have I-10 to I-75. I have tried to drag the route but it created anther stop in Orlando. This then added directions on surface streets in Orlando to get to what they consider the city center. I would like a route that goes directly through Orlando and does not have extraneous streets.


Hi Greg,

Welcome to the forum. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue you are describing using S&T 2013 (see pic below). What version are you running? There are several ways to customize your route in Streets & Trips. You mentioned a couple methods (changing the sliders on preferred road types and dragging and dropping the route). You might also try creating an "Avoid Area" where the route leaves the desired roads.

Avoid Areas can be created by using the right mouse button to drag out a rectangle on the map. Then right-click inside the box you just created and choose "Avoid area" from the popup context menu. It will create a yellow box. To remove the "avoid area" just click on the box (zooming in helps) then press the delete key once it is selected.

Hope that helps,
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Suggest you post the file here as a message attachment with the route causing you these problems to see if other readers can reproduce them.
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